You should speak to staff at Info Corner and contact the DIBP as soon as possible to discuss any changes to your study.

Deferring an offer

If you are unable to arrive in time to commence your program, due to delayed visa processing times for example, you can defer your offer to the next available intake. Find out how to defer your offer.

Discontinuing a program

If you no longer wish to study your program and give it up permanently, you can discontinue (or withdraw from) your program. If you discontinue your program after census date, you will not usually be refunded your fees. See more information on refunds.

If you want to stay in Australia, you will need a new offer to study and a new eCoE and visa within 28 days of your old eCoE finishing. If you have no new eCoE, your student visa may be cancelled. If your visa is cancelled, you must leave Australia within 28 days or you might not be able to return to Australia for three years.

Early completion of a program

If you complete your program before the end date on your CoE, RMIT will notify immigration that you have completed your study. You should contact the DIBP to confirm when your visa will expire.

Late completion of a program

If you will not complete your program by the estimated completion date on your eCoE you will need to apply for a new eCoE and renew your visa.

Leave of absence

Leave of Absence is usually approved for one semester at a time. If further leave of absence is required, you may apply with additional up-to-date evidence.

Leave of Absence applications should include a personal statement detailing the reasons for the application and your plans during the leave period, for example, whether you will return to your home country or remain in Australia.

All evidence relating to applications for leave of absence must be originals or certified copies and be in English or have a certified English translation.

You can only apply for leave of absence in compassionate or compelling circumstances.

For more information, speak to staff at Info Corner.

Am I allowed to stay in Australia while on leave? 

If you are granted a Leave of Absence for up to six months, normally you are permitted to stay in Australia during this time. If the leave is longer than this, you may be required to leave.

You should discuss your individual circumstances with DIBP

Changing RMIT programs

If you are considering changing from one RMIT program to another RMIT program at a different level of study (e.g. from a Bachelor to a Diploma), contact the DIBP to confirm how changing programs may affect your visa status.

Transferring to another education provider

If you wish to transfer from RMIT - a Simplified Student Visa Framework (SSVF) eligible provider - to a provider that is not eligible SSVF, you may no longer meet the criteria for which your visa was granted and your visa may be cancelled. For more information, visit the DIBP website about changing courses.

If you have completed six months or more of the program with the highest study level as described in your offer letter, complete the cancellation of program enrolment process.

If you have not yet completed six months in your principal program, you must apply for a release letter before cancelling your program. See Transferring to another provider for more information.