For information on starting a tenancy and things to check when inspecting a property you are about to move in to check out our renter’s guide.


If you are moving into a rental property, it is likely you will need to connect or disconnect utilities such as:

  • electricity
  • gas
  • water
  • telephone and internet.

Remember: utility companies usually take a minimum of three working days to connect or disconnect your power and gas. Phone and internet connections can take up to 10 working days.

Furniture and household items

For information on furnishing your home cheaply, see shopping smarter.

Contents insurance

Most insurance companies offer contents insurance for individuals, which is convenient if you live in a share house.

The cost of insurance depends on how much your contents are worth. The more your contents are worth the more insurance you pay. It is a good idea to shop around and compare the costs and coverage.

The Insurance Council of Australia website offers advice on things to consider as you shop for the best insurance policy for you.

Remember: insurance companies may require the property to have home security measures such as deadlocks, keyed window locks, smoke detectors or a burglar alarm system.

Redirecting your mail

From AU $24.90 per month Australia Post will redirect your mail to your new address.