Booking problems

Get in touch with Library staff at the service desk or via Ask the Library if you need help with BookIt:

  • Making or canceling a booking
  • Re-allocating forfeited bookings
  • Extending booking times (subject to availability)

Software, hardware and network access help

Help is available from the IT Service Desk staff at each campus, or online via the Service and Support Portal.

Contact IT Service Desk staff  (The Service desk locations are listed under Walk-up support).

Visit the Information Technology Services site for more information.

Assistive technology help

For hardware problems, please ask Library staff  for help. You can also call us on 9925 2020 with your location, and someone will come to help you.

For software problems, please contact the IT Service Desk on the Service and Support Portal, or call 9925 8888.

To access the assistive technology programs on Library computers, you need to register with Equitable Learning Services. Contact the ELS staff if you need training, or if you are unsure which assistive technology program is best for you.

Register with Equitable Learning Services

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