RMIT Creds

Provide your students an awareness of academic integrity and digital literacy by embedding micro-credentials into your course.

The Library has developed a set of ten Digital Literacy micro-credentials (Creds). Any RMIT student can register to take the Digital Literacy credentials. Each credential can be completed separately.

You can request a selection of credentials to be embedded within your Canvas course shells. Speak with your College Creds Specialist or contact the Library Creds Team at for more information.

Find out more about the content of the Library's Creds and how you can use them in your courses and programs.

The Academic Integrity Awareness cred explains the concept of academic integrity and its significance within and beyond the university. As part of this credential, students explore the importance of doing one's own work while acknowledging how other people's ideas have influenced their thinking and writing.

Any RMIT student can register to take the Academic Integrity Awareness credential, or you can add to your Canvas course shell. Speak with your College Creds Specialist or contact the Library Learning Team for more information:


Self-paced learning

Help improve your students' general academic study skills, assessment tasks, writing, maths, and science skills by linking to and using available resources from the Learning Lab.

Embed ready-to-go-videos and online resources that cover topics on teamwork, leadership, project management, IT skill development, etc. into your Canvas course.

The RMIT Learning Lab has online resources designed to help your students improve their general academic study skills, as well as writing, maths, statistics, physics and chemistry skills.
LinkedIn Learning's Online training library offers access to training sessions in streaming video covering a variety of software products and digital technologies.
Explore the following modules, and others available from LinkedIn Learning, that enable learning of key business skills. For example, get better at the business software you use every day; learn about time management, communication, and emotional intelligence; learn how to leverage new elearning technologies; and learn about project management and leadership.

Assignment Planner

Our Assignment Planner will give your students a step-by-step plan with tips and advice to help them complete their presentations and written assignments on time.

Students can save, print, or import plans into their personal calendar.


Study Support workshops

Let us collaborate with you to provide training to your students. Discover how the Library can work with you to develop customised classes and resources to improve your students research skills.

The Library offers online assessment-focused workshops for library information literacy, academic writing, STEM and study skills. Workshops are designed for vocational education, undergraduate and postgraduate coursework students.

Please provide a minimum of two weeks advance notice to allow planning and preparation time.

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