Basketball / netball / volleyball

There are three single-hoop outdoor basketball courts on City campus. Netball and volleyball can also be played at A’Beckett Urban Square which can be booked by groups.

Court 1

Location: Between Building 15 and the University Lawn, below the Alumni Courtyard.
Available for free play.

Court 2

Location: Gillespie Plaza, off Bowen Street outside Building 14.
Available for free play.

A’Beckett Urban Square

Location: Corner A’Beckett and Stewart Streets, City campus.
Available for free play and group bookings 7.30am–9.00pm daily. Group bookings take precedence over free play.

A’Beckett Urban Square is for use by RMIT students, staff and the wider community. The space has two half courts, one full court set up for basketball and one full court set up for netball. It also features barbeque facilities, table tennis and plenty of outdoor seating.


Group bookings take precedence over free play. RMIT students and staff may book the courts or barbeques for use by contacting RMIT Sport via email at

Please note that RMIT staff wishing to book the entire space for events must first contact us by email

Terms of use

Students and staff are expected to use the courts for basketball, netball or volleyball and must supply their own balls. Groups wishing to play volleyball must first contact us by email There is strictly no alcohol or smoking allowed in the space and no skateboarding or cycling. Functions are limited to the hours of 9am–7pm.


Bike riding

Ride your bike to RMIT and get fit, spend less and reduce your carbon footprint.

Free and secure parking is available for cyclists. Some parking locations have additional facilities such as showers and changing rooms.

Frisbee / Hacky Sack / relax

Alumni Courtyard: lawn area

A historic environment to toss a hacky sack, throw a Frisbee, read a book, or simply relax on a deckchair in the sun.


Between Building 19 and the Old Melbourne Gaol. Enter from Russell Street or the University Lawn area.

Outdoor gear hire

Members of the RMIT Outdoors Club have access to the gear room where you can hire kayaks, snowboards, rock climbing equipment, bikes and more.

Pool tables

Sharpen your pool skills between classes. Multiple tables are available for use by all students.


RMIT Trips are a great way to meet new people, explore new places and get up close and personal with Australian wildlife.

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