Customised training

Our team offers customised training to researchers, research groups and course coordinators for HDR students.

Contact us to arrange:

  • a general orientation session
  • a presentation or a workshop on research writing and publishing with available topics including: 
    • literature searching 
    • EndNote
    • strategic publishing 
    • research evidence for grants and promotions
    • publishing your research data

Examples of what we can cover in our workshops and presentations:

  • Develop effective search strategies
  • Identify, evaluate and access relevant resources
  • Manage references via a reference manager.
  • Planning for publication and selecting a publication source
  • Collaborating for research and publication
  • Writing for publication
  • Submission, revision and publication process
  • Promoting and tracking your publications.
  • Research data landscape and principles
  • Research data management planning
  • Issues and resources for storage of data
  • Publishing, sharing and re-use of data.
  • Why should researchers use social media
  • Prominent social media platforms
  • Tips and tricks for social media engagement
  • When things go wrong.

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