You may be eligible to apply for a HELP loan or a VET Student Loan (VSL) to defer part or all of your student contribution amounts. 

If you have an approved HELP loan or VSL your fees will automatically defer to your loan shortly after each census date. You’ll still receive a tax invoice each time you vary your enrolment, so you have the option of making an upfront payment to reduce your overall loan amount.

Are you eligible for a HELP loan or VET Student Loan?

Your eligibility for a HELP loan or VET Student Loan depends on criteria such as your citizenship status, and whether you're in an undergraduate, postgraduate or vocational education program. 

Find out if you're eligible on the Australian Government's Study Assist website.

How to apply 

Eligible? Select the loan type below to find out when and how to apply for your loan. 

Know your census date

This is the deadline for finalising your HELP loan or VET Student Loan.

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