2022 invoices update: 2022 fees and charges are currently being finalised and configured. We expect to have this finished and ready to issue invoices for 2022 enrolments in early December.

How to view your tax invoice

Every time you change your enrolment (add or drop a class), a new invoice will be sent to your RMIT student email account. This will detail any updated fees and charges based on your changed enrolment.

You can also view all invoices in Enrolment Online:

Understand your tax invoice

Your tax invoice contains a lot of information, so we've created a guide to help you find what you're looking for.

HECS-HELP eligible students – pay a minimum $500 up-front and receive a 10% discount on your fees

From 2021, if you're eligible for HECS-HELP but make an upfront payment instead of deferring your fees, you'll get a 10% discount on payments of $500 or more made before your census date. 

This discount is available to all students eligible for HECS-HELP, not just those who have an approved HECS-HELP loan.

Tax invoice FAQs

No. If you have a $0 amount overdue, this means you don't have any fees currently owing and no payment is required.
We’ll still send you an invoice to give you the option of paying some of your tuition fees before your census date (when your fees are deferred to the Australian Taxation Office). You don’t have to pay the fees covered by your loan; however, there are other fees and charges that may need to be paid, such as the Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF) and material fees.  

All vocational education students eligible for a VET Student Loan will receive this notice with their tax invoice, even if they haven’t applied for a loan.  

If you have an approved VET Student Loan, this notice will indicate which fees are covered by your loan, and any fees that aren’t covered. If you don’t have an approved VET Student Loan, you will need to pay all fees by their due date.

Your VET Student Loan covers your tuition fees in two separate fee periods:

  • Fee period 1 - 1 January to 30 June
  • Fee period 2 - 1 July to 31 December

This means that tuition fees for courses with a census date in the current fee period will be covered by your VET Student Loan.

Tuition fees for courses with a census date in the next fee period will show as due charges on your invoice until that fee period commences. 

A new invoice, with an updated VET Student Loan Statement of Covered Fees and VET Student Loan Fee Notice, will be issued to you shortly before the commencement of each fee period, or when you add or drop a course, detailing the tuition fees that are now covered by your VET Student Loan.

You may have reached your program loan limit. Each VET Student Loan approved program has a loan limit. If your VET Student Loan limit doesn't cover the total amount of tuition fees for your program, you need to pay the difference by the due date.

Your program loan limit is stated on your VET Student Loan Statement of Covered Fees and VET Student Loan Fee Notice.

See a list of approved VET Student Loan programs and their loan limits.

Check your current balance in Enrolment Online. If you have any credit on your account, a new invoice can't be issued until the credit balance has been cleared. You have the option to apply for a refund of the credit balance, or leave it to contribute to your next semester fees.
Check the eligibility requirements for fee concession to ensure you’re eligible. You need to have applied for your fee concession on or before your first class start date for it to be applied to your classes. 

Need help?

If you have a question about your fees, please contact RMIT Student Connect for advice.

Having trouble paying your fees?

We understand that you may experience financial difficulties at some point during your studies. If you're having difficulty paying your fees or think you might in the future, there is help available.

Book an appointment with a Student Support Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your options.