Update regarding your invoice for 2021

As you may be aware, the Australian Government recently announced changes to the government funding model as part of the Job-Ready Graduates package.

This has meant that we need a little more time to configure fees, and we are currently working toward issuing our first invoices for 2021 enrolments from Tuesday 12 January. 

2021 fees

Check your 2021 fees by level of study

How to view your tax invoice

Understanding your tax invoice

Overdue amount - $0.00

If you have a $0 amount overdue, you don't have any fees owing at this time and no payment is required.

HELP loans and VET Student Loans

If you have an approved HELP loan (HECS-HELP, FEE-HELP and/or SA-HELP), or a VET Student Loan, your fees will appear on your invoice and in Enrolment Online. This is to give you the opportunity to make a payment before the census date. Your fees will automatically be deferred after the census date less any payments you've made.

Administration and material fees are not covered by loans and need to be paid by the due date.

If your VET Student Loan doesn't cover the total amount of tuition fees, you need to pay the difference by the due date.

It's your responsibility to keep track of your combined HELP loan limit.  Once you reach your HELP loan limit, you need to pay your remaining tuition fees by the due date. 

Having trouble paying your fees?

If you're having difficulty paying your fees or think you might in the future, there is help available. Read about our support services and book an appointment with a Student Support Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your options. 

Other ways to manage your fees might be to: 

Remember to check your important dates for deadlines to change your enrolment. 

If you're an international student you must ensure any enrolment changes are not in breach of your visa conditions. 

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