To view your tax invoice:

  • log in to myRMIT
  • Desktop: Select the View and pay fees online link
  • Mobile: In the Menu select myFees and the View and pay fees online link

If you have any issues accessing your tax invoice online due to a disability please contact Equitable Learning Services (ELS) for assistance.

Your tax invoice explained

Your tax invoice lists all your current fees and charges and their due dates.

Key things to know

1. Overdue amount - $0.00

If you have a $0 amount overdue, you do not have any fees owing at this time and no payment is required.

2. HELP loans and VET Student Loans

If you have chosen to defer part or all of your tuition fees with a HELP loan (HECS-HELP, VET FEE-HELP, FEE-HELP, SA-HELP) or via VET Student Loans, you will still get a tax invoice. This is to give you the opportunity to pay all or part of your fees prior to the due date.

What you need to do

Check the list of charges on page 2 of your tax invoice. If your Commonwealth assistance loan, e.g. HECS-HELP, is listed next to the relevant semester, this means that you have successfully deferred your fees for this semester and do not need to pay this amount.

However, if you want to pay some or all of the amount by the due date, see paying your fees to find out how.

If you choose to make a payment, any remaining HELP loan or VET Student Loans fees will be automatically deferred to the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) after the census date. This amount will appear as a credit on your next tax invoice and in your online account.

Changes to the HECS-HELP discount

From 1 January 2017, the Australian Government removed the 10% upfront discount.

Learn more about HELP loans.

What are your payment options?

Why it’s important to pay on time

All fees must be paid by the due date or penalties will apply. Check your Account Statement on your tax invoice or your online account for the due dates for each charge as they may vary.

If you have overdue fees, debtor restrictions will be placed on your account and you won't be able to enrol, add classes, view your Academic History (results), obtain a transcript of results or Statement of Academic Completion or receive an award (graduate) until the debt is paid in full. Your enrolment may also be cancelled.

Your credit record

When you enrol at RMIT you authorize RMIT to share your creditworthiness, credit standing, credit history and/or credit capacity with credit reporting agencies under the Australian Privacy Act 1988 and other applicable regulatory requirements.

Payment allocation

Payments made by you will be allocated in the following order:

  1. unpaid charges from a previous invoice
  2. materials fees
  3. library fines
  4. Student services and amenities fees (SSAF) and other admin fees
  5. student contributions or tuition fees
  6. any other charges.


RMIT does not automatically provide receipts when a payment is made, however, any payments you make will appear in your online account and on your next tax invoice. If you would like proof of payment, please print your BPAY or BPoint receipt page at the time of payment and note your receipt number. To obtain a receipt (charges apply) visit RMIT Connect or phone +61 3 9925 5000 during business hours.

RMIT fee policy

The Approved schedule of fees and charges outlines all fees that can be charged to students at RMIT. It is published annually under the authority of the Council of RMIT University.

Your privacy

The release of specific academic, financial or personal information about past or present RMIT students to anyone other than the student is expressly forbidden under the Australian Privacy Act 1988. This includes releasing information to a student’s parents and relatives.

Visit Student privacy for detailed information about the rules governing the release of student information.

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