What are digital academic statements? What is My eQuals?

Digital academic statements are certified, digital versions of your RMIT transcript and other official academic statements (excluding Statement of Academic Completion). These can be viewed and shared online via My eQuals, a world-class, secure online platform.

Useful for

  • Lifetime digital access to your transcript and other academic statements at any time, from anywhere in the world.

  • Instantly sharing secure, certified academic statements with employers, universities and other institutions.

Available to

Digital academic statements are automatically issued to students who completed programs at RMIT from July 2017, free of charge. Most other students can order My eQuals digital academic statement/s online, though digital testamurs may not be available for pre 2005 graduates due to data limitations. If you studied at RMIT University prior to 1982 or at an historical institute that merged with RMIT, please order an archive transcript.

How to access

Via an email from My eQuals to your personal email address*, after your statement is uploaded. You may need to check your spam/junk folder. Follow the instructions in this email to view and share your academic statement, which will now be securely stored and permanently accessible via My eQuals.

*For SIM students, all communications about graduation and your access to My eQuals will be sent to your SIM campus email account ( xxxxx@mymail.sim.edu.sg).

Security online

My eQuals digital academic statements are certified, legally valid and tamper-proof. They contain digital signatures that meet legal standards set by the European Union for authentic electronic documents, and exceed requirements in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

Completing students

Your digital transcript will be uploaded to My eQuals after your School confirms your completion, automatically and free of charge, approximately two weeks after the release of the final result for your program.

Your updated transcript and remaining digital academic statements (higher education: testamur and AHEGS, vocational education: VE Qual) will be automatically uploaded within one week after you graduate

How to order your digital academic statements
(fee applies)