Hard copy statements: Due to COVID-19 restrictions, there may be a delay in delivery times due to disrupted DHL and Australia Post mailing services. We thank you for your patience and understanding during this time. 

How it works

RMIT issues certified, digital versions of its official academic statements (excluding Statements of Academic Completion) to current and past students via My eQuals, a secure, online platform.

Academic statements can be purchased by current and past students via Student Forms. You will need your RMIT student number, full name (including middle name(s)) and your date of birth. If you do not know your student number, please contact RMIT Connect.  

You can use My eQuals to safely share your digital documents with anyone you choose, such as employers, universities and other parties. You have control over who can see your statements and the duration they are made available. You can’t upload or modify any documents in My eQuals.

This service is available to current and past students, including international students studying at partner institutes outside Australia. Almost all universities in Australia and New Zealand have signed up to use the My eQuals platform.

Learn more about My eQuals.

How do I access My eQuals?

Once an RMIT academic statement has been uploaded to My eQuals, an email is sent to your personal* email account confirming the upload and providing access instructions. Ensure that you check any spam/junk folder for the email. Your academic statements will now be securely stored and permanently accessible via My eQuals.

* If you're studying at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM), the email will be sent to your SIM campus email account (xxxxx@mymail.sim.edu.sg)

What type of digital documents can I access?

The options below represent past and current students’ eligibility and fees for digital academic statements. Please note the following:

  • Students who conferred before RMIT’s implementation of My eQuals (July 2017) are not eligible for free academic statements. They can purchase a digital set for $25 as outlined below.

  • All students who conferred in and after July 2017 are eligible to receive any of the free documents listed in the table below. Please search your personal email account, including spam/junk folder, for the My eQuals access email before contacting RMIT.

  • RMIT cannot guarantee availability of digital testamurs before 2005 due to data limitations.


    Type of Digital Academic Statement
    Completing students
    Transcript (with completion date)
    Conferring student
  • Transcript (with conferral date)
  • Testamur
  • VE Qualification
  • Free
    Current Students
    Past students (pre July 2017)
  • Transcript
  • Testamur
  • VE Qualification
  • $25 for all documents


Digital documents are safe and secure

Digital documents issued via My eQuals are authentic, tamper-proof and legally valid.

The digital documents contain digital signatures that meet the legal standards set by the European Union for authentic electronic documents, which meets and exceeds requirements in Australia, New Zealand and the USA.

RMIT employs advanced security to produce and certify its digital documents. The systems have been independently tested by security experts.

Learn more about security features.

If you don’t want your academic statements to be issued digitally, you must register your choice to opt out with the Academic Statements team via academicstatements@rmit.edu.au at least one month before you complete your program.

Please note that you cannot have printed copies of your digital documents certified. Hard copies of your award documents can be ordered via Student Forms.

Hard copy (paper) academic statements

If you’re graduating at a ceremony, you'll be presented with a free hard copy testamur. All other hard copy statements, including hard copy testamurs (for students graduating in absentia), transcripts, AHEGS, VE Qualification testamurs or Statements of Attainment, are still available for purchase.  You can find costs and issuing details of each statement on the individual webpages

Transcript (with completion date)