It's important to note that your Statement of Academic Completion (SAC)  is not your official RMIT testamur (certificate) – it is a separate document for which you have to apply and pay a fee. The SAC is only available in hard copy. A SAC is useful if:

  • you are applying for Permanent Residency in Australia
  • you need to prove your study start and end dates for visa requirements
  • you are applying for entry to a professional association
  • you are applying for General Skilled Migration (GSM).

For most other purposes we highly recommend that you instead request your academic transcript, which also includes completion and conferral dates (where applicable).

Please note: 

  • Following the release of the final result for your program, the next step is for the school to assess and confirm your 'completion' status in the system as this is not an automatic process.
  • If you urgently require a Statement of Academic Completion (SAC), please contact your school immediately after the result release date.
  • Once the School has confirmed your 'completion' in the system, an email notification from MyEquals will be sent to your personal email account after which you can request for the SAC.
  • It is not possible to produce an SAC prior to 2005.   

Samples that show how your SAC might look:

How to apply

You can only request an SAC once your school has confirmed that you have completed your program. To check whether you have completed your program log in to Enrolment Online via myRMIT.

Once your school has confirmed that you have completed your program, apply and pay online.

Certificate I–IV students

Contact your school.

Master by research and doctoral degree students

An SAC will be automatically provided, free of charge, to candidates after their final thesis/project and amendments have been approved by the Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor Research Training and Development of the School of Graduate Research.

The SAC is posted to the candidate’s address listed in myRMIT.

Contact the School of Graduate Research.

Sample Phd SAC (PDF 276kb 1p)

All other students

Most students (diploma, advanced diploma, bachelor degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma and master by coursework), who completed from 2005 onwards, can apply and pay online by credit card (Visa or MasterCard). The SAC will be posted to your nominated address.

For these students, the cost of purchasing a SAC (including delivery) is outlined below.


Format How to get one Cost




Not available in digital format


Not applicable




Hard copy

Issued on request.+

Apply and pay online.^



Purchase in person at RMIT Connect

Standard mail: $55

Express mail: $65

International mail: $90





Online requests are usually processed within 2 business days of submitting the online request. 

If you have a debt to the University you will not be able to request your transcript until the debt is cleared – please contact RMIT Connect.

If you encounter difficulties applying online, please contact RMIT Connect.

Note: It is not possible to produce an SAC for students who were completed prior to 2005.