Your testamur is the official certificate that confirms you have completed an award course of study at RMIT University.

Upon graduation at a ceremony, or in absentia, you will receive your digital testamur via My equals.

View a sample of a Testamur

Available to

Higher Education students who have graduated (award conferred).

Useful for

Showcasing your achievement. RMIT University testamurs are suitable for framing and display purposes.

How to get one

Available in digital and hard copy format.

Format How to get one Cost

Hard copy



Graduating students:

Issued at graduation/when award conferred








Graduating students:

Automatically issued at graduation/when award conferred *



Past graduates:

Issued on request.

Apply and pay online.

Note: It is not possible to produce digital testamurs prior to 2005. 






$20 for complete set of digital statements


Replacement hard copy

Past graduates:

Issued on request only if your original testamur has been damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed.

Apply and pay online.

$150 (including registered post)

*If you have been conferred in abentia, you will receive a notification email. If you would like to receive a hard copy testamyr you must confirm your mailing address by following the email's instructions.

*If you don’t want your academic statements to be automatically issued in digital format, you must register your choice to opt out with RMIT Connect at least one month before you complete your program.

If you have a debt to the University you will not be able to request any academic statements until the debt is cleared – please contact RMIT Connect to arrange payment.

If you encounter difficulties applying online, please contact RMIT Connect on +61 3 9925 5000 during business hours.

Processing timelines:

  • Request for digital format: usually processed within 3–5 working days of submitting the online request.

  • Replacement testamurs: usually 4–6 weeks. Please note that we cannot guarantee the replacement of archived testamurs over seven years old and the 4–6 week turnaround time does not apply.

Additional information about testamurs


Replacement hard copy testamurs

You are entitled to possess only one hard copy testamur for each conferred award. RMIT does not hold copies of testamurs and a testamur can only be reissued when the original testamur has been damaged, lost, stolen or destroyed, or when the original was never received.

You may be required to return your original testamur and/or provide further information before a replacement can be issued.

Name on your testamur

The name on your testamur must appear exactly as it is on your RMIT student record. Exceptions may be granted in extenuating circumstances but are subject to approval from the Academic Registrar. You can change the order of your name(s) when you apply to graduate

The name on your testamur cannot contain all upper case letters, a title (e.g. Dr, Mr, Ms, etc.) or a comma. 

Date on your testamur

The date on your testamur is the date that your award was officially conferred by RMIT University. If you attend a graduation ceremony, your conferral date will be the date of the ceremony you attended. The conferral date is not the same as the date you completed your program of study.