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What is a transcript?

Your transcript documents all of your programs, courses, results and any exemptions granted or withdrawals from courses after the census date. Results can't be removed from your transcript.

Where applicable, transcripts include details of completion, conferral (graduation) and University-awarded prizes and recognition. 

Completion and conferral transcripts

You will be issued a free digital transcript, that states your completion date, approximately two weeks after the release of the final result for your program. You will then be issued an updated digital transcript, stating your conferral date, after you graduate.

Useful for

  • Applying for study at other institutions, to provide evidence of the courses you have enrolled in and the results you achieved for all the programs you studied at RMIT.

  • Employment purposes, such as proving to an employer that you have completed or graduated from a program or to provide evidence of your GPA.

Available to

All current and past students. If you studied at RMIT University prior to 1982 or at an historical institute that merged with RMIT, please order an archive transcript instead of a regular transcript.


Changes to vocational education transcripts

From 1 January 2020 we simplified the way vocational education (VE) students are graded to ensure consistency across all VE programs. All VE courses are now assessed as Competent or Not Yet Competent. A GPA no longer appears on official transcripts or in Enrolment Online. 

For more information about these changes, see VE grades.