Opening hours and location

Bundoora West

Street address: Building 210, Plenty Road, Bundoora

Postal address: RMIT University Bundoora Library, PO Box 2476, Melbourne VIC 3001, Australia

Getting there: Bundoora Campus transport information

Bundoora East

Bundoora East Library has closed permanently. Collect your cross-campus hold requests from Bundoora West Library.

If you have any questions, Ask the Library.


(03) 9925 2020

Maps and floor plans

Wheelchair access

The Bundoora Library is accessible to people using wheelchairs. Entrance doors are self-opening and there is lift access to the upper and lower levels.

An accessible toilet is on level 2 near the Copy Card coin machine.

Accessible car parking is available in the car park next to the Bundoora Library.

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