Who can defer

You are eligible to defer if:

  • you have not yet enrolled into courses for your RMIT program, and
  • you are an Australian citizen, New Zealand citizen, or a permanent resident of Australia, and
  • you have received an offer for a RMIT vocational education or higher education program, and
  • you have not already deferred.

Research students

You must request to defer by writing to the School of Graduate Research before the enrolment date specified in your offer.

International students

Read about how to defer as an international student.

When to defer

To secure your place in your program, you must defer before the census date. See Important dates to discover your next census date.

How to defer

If you wish to defer it is very important that you do not enrol.

If you are already enrolled you will need to apply for a leave of absence.

The deferment process is simple:

  1. Log in to Enrolment Online.
  2. Under My current program, select the Defer studies button next to the program you wish to defer.

The system will provide immediate confirmation that your deferment is successful. If you encounter any issues, please contact RMIT Student Connect.  

Length of deferment

How long you can defer for is determined by when you apply.

If you defer from Semester 1 or first half of the year, then your place will be deferred for one academic year so you would start your program in Semester 1/first half of following year.

If you defer from Semester 2 or second half od the year then your place will be deferred for six months and you would be expected to start your program in Semester 1/first half of the following year.

If you have, or wish to defer in Semester 1 or first half of the year but would like to start your program in Semester 2/second half of the year, please contact your school that runs your program to see if this will be possible.

During the deferment period

While on deferment you are not officially an RMIT student. This means you cannot:

  • attend classes
  • access the University Library or academic and student support services
  • access RMIT systems and online student resources
  • receive an RMIT student card.

Returning to study after deferment

You can only defer starting your program once.

Near the end of the deferment period (usually early October) you will receive a notification with instructions on how to enrol and confirm your place at RMIT.

If you do not enrol by the deadline in this notification then your offer will lapse.

On completion of your deferment period, you cannot defer again. If you wish to further postpone your studies, you would need to enrol and then apply for a leave of absence.

Vocational education students

If you are looking to enrol in a government subsidised place (see Fee type in your offer) then you will need to re-establish your eligibility - as required by the Victorian Government.

This means that when you return, and before you can enrol, you will need to complete an online evidence of student eligibility declaration in Enrolment Online and upload the following documents to verify your eligibility.

  1. a completed copy of the vocational education eligibility calculator (see How to check if you are eligible)
  2. documents to verify your eligibility.

Need help?

Course and program advice

For academic advice and information about your program and courses, contact your college via RMIT Connect.

Technical issues

If you have technical problems with Enrolment Online or password queries, contact the IT Service and Support Centre. 

Enrolment queries

If you have any questions about the enrolment process, contact RMIT Connect.