Update: Semester 2 classes

For programs opened for Semester 2 (mid-year intake), classes will be delivered online. This means no matter where in the world you are, you will be able to study with us for the duration of the semester.

For courses that require learning activities that can't be completed online including labs, specialist classes and research activities, RMIT will support you in completing your practical work and provide make-up classes at a later date, or in a future semester when you are able to safely return on campus.

As Government advice changes, we may return activities, such as tutorials, to campus. If that happens, and you’re not here, RMIT will support you to continue your studies remotely.

How to enrol

Follow these steps to enrol in your classes. 

1. Use a desktop or laptop

Use a desktop or laptop computer, and enable pop-ups in your browser settings.

2. Log in to the Enrolment Online system

Log in to Enrolment Online

Please note: All steps in this section are completed in Enrolment Online.

3. Find your login details


Your RMIT ID (username) is the letter 's' followed by your student number (excluding any additional letters), eg: s1234567.  


Your temporary password is the letter ‘p’ followed by your date of birth backwards and an exclamation mark (example: p19920428!)

You should change your temporary password as soon as possible to make sure your student account is secure. You can use your new password to access all RMIT systems, including your student email account.

4. Select the Enrol button next to your program

In Enrolment Online you will now be asked to:

1. Accept RMIT’s terms and conditions
2. Fill in your personal details

Preferred name: At RMIT we recognise that some students may choose to use a name that affirms their gender. Although some University processes may require you to use the name on your legal documentation, we can support you to ensure that you’re addressed by the correct pronouns and name while studying at RMIT.  Please contact a Diversity and Inclusion Advisor at inclusion@rmit.edu.au for advice.

3. Provide statistical information
Important: Provide three types of addresses

To enrol you are required to provide three types of address:

  • Home - this must be an address in your home country
  • Mailing - this is where you would like any mail sent. Your mailing address must be an Australian address to receive your student card.
  • Australian residence - this is where you will be living while you study. If you are enrolling before you arrive in Australia and you do not have an address in Australia confirmed, you can use your current residence address. It is a requirement of your student visa that you update this address within 7 days of arriving in Australia, and within 7 days of any change.
1. Have you been granted credit exceptions?

If your offer letter states that you've been granted credit exemptions for some classes, you don't need to add these to your enrolment.  

2. Select 'Show classes'

If your classes are pre-selected for you, go to 3. Add selected classes. Otherwise, follow the instructions to select your classes for each Semester.

The Status column indicates the availability of classes. These will change as you enrol. See the key below.

3. Select 'Add selected classes' 

The classes you're enrolled in will now be displayed.

4. Finished enrolling?

Select Exit and check the pop-up summary of your enrolment to ensure all details are correct.


You can change your enrolment in Enrolment Online up until the last day to add or drop a class. See Important dates for details.

Congratulations! You’re now officially an RMIT student!


What's next?

Now you're enrolled, it's time to get set for study and life at RMIT.  Access the info, systems and resources you'll need to be ready for first semester.

Need help?