2022 invoices update: 2022 fees and charges are currently being finalised and configured. We expect to have this finished and ready to issue invoices for 2022 enrolments in early December.

Types of fees

All students at RMIT are charged fees that contribute to the cost of their program. The fees you’ll pay depend on your citizenship, the type of place you’ve been offered and the year you commenced your studies.
Tuition fees
These are charged to all higher education, vocational education and preparatory students. You’ll be charged a fee to cover the cost of each course (subject) of your program.
Material and administration fees
These include fees and charges for activities such as field trips or materials like printing dyes or fabrics that become your property.
Student Services and Amenities Fee (SSAF)
The SSAF is set by the Australian Government on an annual basis. It funds services of a non-academic nature that enhance the student experience. Find out more.

How to view your fees and due dates

All information about your fees is in Enrolment Online:
  • Log in to Enrolment Online.
  • Select My Student Record.
  • Under the Financial details menu, click View account/pay fees.
  • You can view a summary of your fees or go to the Charges tab to view each charge and its due date.

You can also view and print your tax invoice in My Student Record.

More information

If you have a HELP loan or VET Student Loan, you'll find the below information in Enrolment Online under the Financial details menu.
View Commonwealth Assistance (eCAF)

View the status of your loans for your program or request an invitation to apply for a loan.

View Commonwealth Assistance approval letters

View the letter from RMIT confirming the approval of your loan

View Commonwealth Assistance Notices (CANs)

View the CANs for your program. The CAN shows the HELP debt for each of your enrolled courses, as well as your total HELP debt for your program.  

From 2021, if you're eligible for HECS-HELP, you'll get a 10% discount on your fees if you make an up-front payment of $500 or more before your census date. 

This discount is available to all students eligible for HECS-HELP, not just those who take out a HECS-HELP loan.

If eligible, you can apply for a concession (discount) on fees for your government subsidised place in a RMIT vocational education program. 

You're eligible for a fee concession if:

  • you're enrolling for a certificate I - IV program and
  • you hold a current Centrelink concession card or are waiting for a Centrelink concession card.

You must apply before your class start date to access the concession fee rate. 

You 're ineligible to apply for a fee concession if you:

  • are enrolled in a vocational graduate certificate or vocational graduate diploma program
  • commenced a diploma or advanced diploma program on or after 1 July 2012
  • are enrolled in an Australian full fee place or international full fee place.

Find out more about fee concession and how to apply

Need help?

If you have a question about your fees, please contact RMIT Student Connect for advice.

Having trouble paying your fees?

We understand that you may experience financial difficulties at some point during your studies. If you're having difficulty paying your fees or think you might in the future, there is help available.

Book an appointment with a Student Support Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your options.  

Options to reduce your fees

The following actions need to be taken before your first census date.
  1. Change your enrolment. You may be able to drop classes to reduce your study load and the amount you're charged. If you're an international student, please check that this doesn't impact your visa conditions. 
  2. Apply for a leave of absence for a semester. If you apply before your census date, you won't be charged fees for that semester.
  3. Cancel your enrolment. If you don't think you can pay your fees, you might consider cancelling your enrolment and reapplying at a later time.