Form name


Assignment cover sheet for submission of work for assessment (PDF 124kb 1p)

This is the generic assignment cover sheet. Use this assignment cover sheet for submitting work for assessment as:

  • an individual, or
  • part of a group of students.

Assignment cover sheet for submission of VE work for assessment (PDF 242kb 1p)

This assignment cover sheet is for the use of VE students only.

Application for extension of time to submit assessment work (PDF 143kb 2p)

Use this form to apply for an extension of seven or fewer days from the original due date for submission of assignments, projects, or essays. You must lodge it no later than one working day before the original submission due date. Do not use this form for exams, tests, or lab-based assessments or for extensions of more than seven days. Refer to the Assessment and Assessment flexibility policy.

Apply online for special consideration

You can now apply for special consideration online instead of using the paper-based application form. Please read the Assessment and Assessment flexibility policy and information on special consideration before lodging your application. Special consideration is a process that enables the University to take account of unexpected circumstances such as illness, injury or bereavement that affect a student's performance in assessment. Grading consideration is not included as a form of adjustment under this policy.

Please note that you must lodge your application within two working days of the due date of your earliest assessment(s). You then have up to five workings days to lodge your supporting documentation.

If you are not able to apply online you can contact the Special Consideration team at who will be able to assist you.