How to search for courses

You can design your exchange or study abroad program by selecting courses from across RMIT’s extensive range of disciplines.

There are also courses offered exclusively to exchange and study abroad students that give an insight into Australian culture and society.

Course selection

Use our Course Search tool to find courses of interest to you.

You can search by course title, the semester it is being offered, a level of study (e.g. Undergraduate for Bachelor level and Postgraduate for Master level) and RMIT School, (which broadly reflect academic disciplines).

To find more detailed information about a course and its prerequisites, take note of the course code from the Course Search (e.g. GRAP1245), then enter the course code in the Course Guide.

Course selection guidelines

When selecting courses you need to:

  • ensure that you satisfy the necessary prerequisites based on your academic history at your home institution
  • note that most of the Postgraduate courses require completion of a Bachelor degree
  • check the suitability of your course selection and credit transfer with your home institution.
  • ensure you have read the information below which includes early start date courses and restriction on courses.

Please note that all courses are subject to availability and can change without notice. RMIT also reserves the right to refuse entrance to any course.

Recommended courses

We encourage you to consider the Recommended Courses. Previous inbound students have successfully enrolled in these courses and they have a faster course approval process. The Recommended Courses are identifiable in the Comments column.

Early start date courses

Courses offered under Associate Degrees such as Fashion and Textile Merchandising, Fashion Design and Technology, Engineering Technology have an earlier start as they follow the Vocational calendar. The Early Start date Courses are identifiable in the Comments column.

GAP Year courses

These courses are suitable for students who have just finished senior secondary school and have not yet started undergraduate studies. The GAP Year courses are identifiable in the Comments column.

Portfolio requirements

Design based courses (i.e. VART, GRAP, ARCH course coding) will require a folio to be submitted with the application and approved by the relevant discipline. Folios must be sent as PDF or online link (no hard copies accepted). Provide 10-15 pieces of your own work that demonstrate your creative abilities and is related to the area of study you wish to pursue at RMIT.

Computer Science and IT course requirements

Computer Science and IT based courses (such as COSC, ISYS course coding) will require the submission of the Computer Science and IT courses form (PDF 94KB) together with your online application.

Online courses

Online courses can only make up 25% of your full-time study load. Check the Learning Mode in the Course Overview of the course you have selected.


While you should aim to select courses taught at the same campus, it may be possible to travel between the Brunswick and City campuses due to their proximity.

Study load

It is an Australian visa requirement that Exchange or Study Abroad students studying in Australia must be enrolled in a full-time study load (36 - 48 credit points) each semester.

A normal full-time load at RMIT is 36-48 credit points, which is equivalent to three to four courses. Online and distance courses can only make up 25% of your full-time study load.

Please refer to the RMIT's credit points table which provides a guideline of how other countries credit points might match RMIT.

Restricted courses

Please note that the following type of courses are strictly not open to exchange and study abroad students (but not limited to):

  1. Single courses that are worth 36 or 48 credit points
  2. Any research type courses including thesis course
  3. Courses that form part of a honours 1 year degree or at research academic level (Master by Research or PhD)

Architecture Design

All approved Exchange Architecture Design students will have a set Study Plan identified by the School comprising of one Studio (24 credit points) and two electives (2 X 12 credit points). Please ensure that a portfolio is submitted with the application. The portfolio needs to show your technical skills. For students at Masters level, you will also need to show competency in rhino.

The selected courses for Master level are:

  • ARCH1338 Architecture Design Elective 1
  • ARCH1339 Architecture Design Elective 2
  • ARCH1330 Architecture Design Studio 7

The selected courses for Bachelor level are:

  • ARCH1491 Architecture Design Elective 1
  • ARCH1492 Architecture Design Elective 2
  • ARCH1004 Architecture Design Studio 5

Architecture Design courses are not available to Study Abroad students. We recommend Study Abroad students explore the courses available in other areas such as Landscape Architecture, Urban Design, Interior and Industrial Design.

Interior Design

The 3 courses available for Interior Design at Bachelor level, which can be undertaken individually or as a set study plan, are:

  • ARCH1289 Interior Design Specialisation 1

  • ARCH1290 Interior Design Specialisation 2

  • ARCH1109 Interior Design Studio 4

The School of Interior Design strongly recommend students who are interested in Interior Design to undertake the above Study Plan comprising of one Studio (24 credit points) and two Design Specialisations (2 X 12 credit points). You will have the opportunity to choose from 8 design studios and from 10 Design specialisations. Please ensure that a portfolio of 10-15 pieces of work is submitted with the application.

Media and Communication

Courses from the School of Media and Communication are strictly open to students with a background in a Media and Communication-related discipline (major or minor) at their home university.


Courses from the School of Design are strictly open to students with a background in a Design-related discipline (major or minor) at their home university.


Courses from the Fashion area are strictly open to students with a background in a Fashion-related discipline (major or minor) at their home university.

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