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Spring Semester, 2021

Course Name Code Level Location Fees
Managing Project Teams BUSM1271 PGRD City Campus $3,720
Service Design GRAP2494 PGRD  City Campus $2,640
Aircraft Structural Integrity (30 August–3 September 2021 Intensive) AERO2514 PGRD City Campus $4,320
Investigation Analysis and Analytical Writing Techniques (29 November–26 December 2021 Intensive) OENG1199 PGRD City Campus $4,320
Human Factors for Investigators (6–10 September 2021 Intensive) OENG1200 PGRD City Campus $4,320
Investigation Readiness (30 August–3 September 2021 Intensive) OENG1201 PGRD City Campus $4,320
Accident Investigation Fundamentals (22–26 November 2021 Intensive) OENG1202 PGRD City Campus $4,320

Summer Semester, 2022

Course Name Code Level Location Fees
Introduction to Management BUSM4176 UGRD  City Campus $3,962

Semester 1, 2022

Course Name Code Level Location Fees
Accounting, Behaviour and Organisations ACCT1014 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Accounting in Organisations and Society ACCT1046 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Financial Accountability and Reporting ACCT1048 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Auditing ACCT1056 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Managerial Advisory Finance ACCT1060 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Cost Analysis and Organisational Decisions ACCT1064 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Critical Accounting Perspectives ACCT1077 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Professional Values, Ethics & Attitudes ACCT1081 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Accounting, Accountability and Society ACCT1106 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Contemporary Financial and Integrated Reporting ACCT1110 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Financial Accounting and Analysis ACCT2033 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Accounting Thought and Ethics ACCT2111 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Accounting for Management Decisions ACCT2127 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Forensic Business Investigation ACCT2211 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Superannuation and Retirement ACCT2286 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Emerging Issues in Accounting Technology ACCT2329 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Financial Markets and Institutions BAFI1002 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Corporate Finance BAFI1008 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Personal Wealth Management BAFI1014 UGRD City Campus $4,088
International Finance BAFI1018 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Derivatives and Risk Management BAFI1026 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Equity Investment and Portfolio Management BAFI1042 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Fixed Income Securities and Credit Analysis BAFI1065 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Financial Statement Analysis BAFI1070 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Financial Decision Making BAFI1100 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Options, Futures and Risk Management BAFI2081 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Portfolio Management BAFI3178 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Alternative Securities BAFI3180 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Case Studies in Finance BAFI3190 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Modelling in Finance BAFI3252 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Corporate Financial Management BAFI3257 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Managerial Finance BAFI3258 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Negotiation and Conflict Resolution BUSM1074 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Management 1 - Managing People BUSM1162 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Global Business BUSM1222 UGRD City Campus $4,088
The Foundations of Entrepreneurship BUSM1311 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Managing Supply Contracts BUSM1474 PGRD City Campus $4,088
International Marketing BUSM1588 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Risk Analysis and Assessment BUSM1734 PGRD City Campus $4,088
International Human Resources Management BUSM2449 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Foundations of People Analytics BUSM2639 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Human Resource Management BUSM3119 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Strategy BUSM3125 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Managing Across Cultures BUSM3127 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Business and Government in the Global Context BUSM3886 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Applied Entrepreneurship BUSM4052 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Entrepreneurship and Global Challenges BUSM4054 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Introduction to Management BUSM4176 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Leadership BUSM4177 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Sustainable International Business Futures BUSM4388 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Human Resource Management for Entrepreneurship and Innovation BUSM4496 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Key Concepts in Human Resource Management BUSM4499 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Issues in Diversity BUSM4500 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Professional Human Resource Management Practices BUSM4504 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Strategic Human Resource Development BUSM4505 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Innovation Management BUSM4550 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Contemporary Management: Issues and Challenges BUSM4554 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Work in Global Society BUSM4558 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Entrepreneurial and Innovation Ecosystems BUSM4583 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Global Corporate Responsibility BUSM4687 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Macroeconomics 1 ECON1010 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Prices and Markets ECON1020 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Business Statistics 1 ECON1030 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Macroeconomics for Decision Making ECON1042 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Managerial and Business Economics ECON1048 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Forecasting and Quantitative Analysis ECON1061 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Basic Econometrics ECON1066 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Business in the Globalised Economy ECON1086 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Quantitative Methods in Finance ECON1095 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Financial Econometrics ECON1195 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Development Economics ECON1259 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Quantitative Methods for Economic Analysis ECON1314 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Behavioural Economics ECON1339 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Strategic Games for Business ECON1340 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Psychology for Business Decisions ECON1341 UGRD City Campus $4,088
The Blockchain Economy ECON1349 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Blockchain and Cryptofinance ECON1560 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Blockchain and the Cryptoeconomy ECON1565 PGRD City Campus $4,088
International Industrial Organisation ECON1582 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Diverse Perspectives on the World Economy ECON1586 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Business Challenges in the Digital Economy  ECON1594 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Digital Risk Management and Information Security INTE1002 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Digital Innovation INTE1014 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Digital Strategy INTE1030 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Business IT Infrastructure INTE2043 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Networking in Business INTE2044 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Knowledge Management INTE2397 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Governance and Change in Digital Business INTE2412 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Blockchain Strategy INTE2572 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Business Systems Analysis ISYS1039 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Digital Business Design and Innovation ISYS1051 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Digital Curation ISYS1168 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Database Design and Development ISYS2038 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Information Systems Solutions and Design ISYS2047 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Business Information Systems ISYS2056 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Enterprise Systems ISYS2396 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Business Data Management ISYS2421 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Information Systems Strategy ISYS2423 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Business Analytics ISYS3374 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Blockchain for Business ISYS3408 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Taxation 1 LAW2453 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Taxation Law and Practice LAW2471 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Information Provision LIBR1013 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Records Management and Archives Administration LIBR1028 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Marketing Principles MKTG1025 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Marketing Communication MKTG1041 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Market Research MKTG1045 UGRD City Campus $4,088
B2B Sales Strategy MKTG1048 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Buyer Behaviour MKTG1050 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Services Marketing MKTG1053 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Strategic Marketing MKTG1071 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Applied Brand Management MKTG1080 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Product Innovation and Management MKTG1092 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Marketing Management MKTG1100 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Consumer Behaviour MKTG1101 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Marketing Communication Strategy MKTG1103 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Marketing Research MKTG1104 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Interactive Marketing MKTG1105 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Services Marketing MKTG1112 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Social Marketing MKTG1127 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Business and Network Marketing MKTG1209 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Strategic Marketing MKTG1215 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Digital Marketing MKTG1415 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Marketing and Society MKTG1423 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Supply Chain Principles OMGT1021 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Operations Management OMGT1039 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Transport Economics OMGT1058 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Transportation and Freight Logistics OMGT1062 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Procurement Management and Global Sourcing OMGT1070 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Warehouse and Distribution Channels OMGT1074 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Introduction to Logistics and Supply Chain Management OMGT1082 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Supply Chain Modelling & Design OMGT2087 PGRD City Campus $4,088
International Logistics OMGT2088 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Supply Chain Analytics OMGT2146 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Supply Chain Sustainability OMGT2190 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Global Trade Operations OMGT2243 UGRD City Campus $4,088
Ports and Terminal Management OMGT2295 PGRD City Campus $4,088
Course Name Code Level Location Fees
Future Design Practice GRAP2625 PGRD City Campus $5,280
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Meet single course student Stephanie Keehan

Returning to study Medical Imaging Physics as a single subject at RMIT after completing a PhD and Bachelor of Applied Science (Honours) was an easy choice for Stephanie. 

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An amazing uni-campus culture where I'm exposed to astounding students, supportive resources and overall, a great uni-vibe.

- Eamonn Wang

Frequently asked questions

To enrol in a single course, submit all relevant documents outlined below. Our team will be in contact with you to guide you through the process. 

  1. Collate the required documents for your application
    • A completed Single Course Enrolment Form
    • Evidence of prerequisites such as academic transcripts and/or statement of intention
    • Citizenship documentation such as a valid passport or birth certificate. A list of acceptable documents can be found here
    • A PDF of your online Visa Entitlement Verification Online (VEVO) check, not required for Australian citizens and permanent residency holders. 
  2. Submit your application and attach the required documentation above via email to After you submit your application you will be contacted to discuss your enrolment. This can take up to 72 hours. 

  3. If your application is successful you will be issued with a payment link to confirm your enrolment. You are required to make upfront and in full payment via Visa or MasterCard to secure your place.
Semester     Course list available  Enrolment period Class dates
Summer 2022  1 Oct–4 Jan 14 Oct–4 Jan  4 Jan–12 Feb
Semester 1 2022 20 Nov  20 Nov–28 Feb 2 Mar–1 June
Semester 2 2022 1 May   1 May–17 July 19 July–18 Oct
Spring 2021 1 Jun–15 Nov 1 July–15 Nov 15 Nov–11 Feb

A single course at RMIT University is a subject from an undergraduate or postgraduate degree program. A single course gives you an opportunity to experience the subject matter before committing to a degree, up-skill in a specific area and experience University culture. . Single courses are offered during RMIT University's Semester 1, Semester 2, Spring and Summer semesters. Enrolments are accepted only during official enrolment periods. Participants are issued with an RMIT University Academic Transcript on l completion.

RMIT single courses are open to everyone aged 16 or over, excluding current RMIT students, students looking to do cross-institutional study and international students with limited study rights. If this is you there are alternative study options available that you can explore here

Some single courses may require a certain level of knowledge or prior study, therefore check for prerequisites before enrolling. Postgraduate subjects require you to hold a prior tertiary qualification that you will be asked to provide when you apply.

If a single course requires University approval, this means that there is an extra step in the application process. A statement outlining how you satisfy the entry requirements must be provided during the enrolment process, confirming that you satisfy the criteria or prerequisites necessary to undertake that particular single course. .

For single courses that require University approval, we will contact you to advise of the decision. A payment needs to be made once your application has been approved, and only then is your enrolment confirmed. You will be issued with a single course tax invoice, which doubles as confirmation of your  enrolment. Please check this to ensure all details are correct, including your name, as it will appear as is on your academic transcript. 


The following discounts are applicable to most of our single courses:

RMIT Staff 25%

RMIT Alumni 15%

Please contact us to determine if you are eligible for a discount. Discounts may not apply to all single courses. Proof must be provided at time of enrolment for a discount to be applied. Discount refunds will not be provided after online enrolment is processed. 


For individuals full and upfront payment is required to secure your place in the course. We accept Visa or MasterCard Government funding and/or payment plans are not available.

For business

If you are enrolling yourself, a colleague or client into a course for professional development, RMIT accepts purchase orders or a letter of authority where a third party such as your workplace or training organisation is paying for single courses. Once the application is approved  send a purchase order or letter of authority on a company letterhead to  

Included in the documentation:

  • Name of learner 
  • Course name
  • Start date
  • Fee (please note our courses do not incur GST)
  • Name of person authorising the course enrolment
  • Company name
  • Billing contact details for invoice (ie: address, phone & email)

Once we have received the documentation an invoice will be sent to the billing email and our team will confirm the learner's place in the course. The invoice must be paid within 7 days.

We cannot accept cash, personal cheques, bank cheques, money order, or Diners and American Express cards.

On completion of a single course, RMIT University will issue an Academic Transcript Your Academic Transcript can be used to apply for credit towards an award program. However, this is not an automatic process and conditions may apply. Accreditation or credit towards an award program are not automatic and students are advised to check with the relevant RMIT University School or Home Institution. 

Email to request a Request to Reissue your Single Course Results. An application fee may apply.  

myRMIT is a central point for you to easily access all the online information and services you need while at RMIT: your student email address, online learning resources, news and announcements, student gallery, forums, student classifieds and plenty more.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your RMIT ID and your password: Your username is your student number prefixed with an "s" (for example s123456) and your password is your date of birth in the format YYYYMMDD (for example, if you were born on 25 March 1976 your password would be 19760305). Please note, you will be prompted to change this when you log in for the first time. If you need to reset your password contact the ITS Service and Support Centre.
  3. Click on the Login button.
  4. Click on the Studies tab to access your online learning resources.

If you are having difficulties such as logging in, navigating your way through the system or courses not showing up in the Studies tab, contact:

Service and Support Centre

Phone: +61 3 9925 8888

Single courses range between $2,500 to $9,000 with the average fee approximately $3,500. This fee is a full-fee, upfront payment which is not eligible for HECS or Fee-HELP. Check the individual courses listed above for exact fees.

Single course students will not gain automatic entry into an award program or gain a degree through only completing single courses.

Single course duration is one full university semester. Check the higher education important dates page for more information.

RMIT’s timetabling system is called myTimetable You can view the public read-only version of myTimetable

Please enter the course code of the subject of interest, such as ARCH1001, and click search.

For help on using the Read-only Timetable click here

RMIT University offers Equitable Learning Services (ELS) to single course students. ELS provides support and assistance to students with a disability, long-term illness and/or mental health condition, and primary carers of individuals with a disability.

As an RMIT single course student you are issued with a RMIT University student number. 

Following the Victorian Government's mandate to shut down all non-essential activity in response to COVID-19, student cards are not available from campus or by online submission at this time. If you are required to provide evidence that you are studying at RMIT, please download your Statement of Enrolment (SoE) via Enrolment Online.

For further information click here 

If your personal details change, let us know as soon as possible.

Click here to check and update your contact details

If you need to cancel your single course enrolment once your application has been approved and fees paid, you must advise us in writing and submit a Single Course Cancellation Form to This must be done before RMIT’s Census date to avoid financial penalty.

Deferments and transfers, including any requests to transfer to another single course or semester, will not be accepted.

Any personal or financial details which you provide to RMIT University when you register are used to process enrolments and course enquiries. RMIT Single and Short Courses are governed by the RMIT Privacy Policy. This policy affirms RMIT’s commitment to privacy and the responsible handling of personal, sensitive and health information.

RMIT values the privacy of every individual and is committed to the responsible handling of personal information. Refer to the RMIT Privacy Statement to understand how your data is protected.

It is important that you provide accurate information as personal information may appear on Certificate of Completion or your Academic Transcript. We may contact you to inform you about course cancellations, change of venue at your registered contact details. Where you have opted to receive information about upcoming events and courses we may to contact you with updates.

Single courses are being delivered remotely until the return to campus process is complete. Each course will have individual circumstances so please check RMIT Alerts for details.

Other ways to study

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RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business. - Artwork created by Louisa Bloomer

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Acknowledgement of country

RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business.