Researchers just recorded world's fastest internet speeds using a single optical chip.

22 May 20

Researchers from RMIT, Monash and Swinburne universities have achieved the world’s fastest internet data speed - enough to download 1000 HD movies in a split second - using a single optical chip.

$1.9million for RMIT industry research collaborations by the ARC

22 May 20

RMIT researchers have been awarded $1.9 million in the latest round of Australian Research Council (ARC) funding.

Seven un-bee-lievable facts for World Bee Day

20 May 20

They pollinate a third of the world’s food and contribute about US$235 billion to the global economy. But bees don’t just feed the world - their tiny yet powerful brains are full of surprises.

Team Australia wins world’s first AI Eurovision song contest

13 May 20

An Australian tune written using artificial intelligence has claimed first prize in a new international song competition.