New project investigates how COVID-19 impacts housing stress

29 May 20

RMIT urban researchers have received funding from the Australian Housing and Urban Research Institute to investigate COVID-19’s impact on housing stress in Melbourne.

New gut-brain link: how gut mucus could help treat brain disorders

29 May 20

Mucus is the first line of defence against bad bacteria in our gut. But could it also be part of our defence against diseases of the brain?

4 ways our streets can rescue restaurants, bars and cafes after coronavirus

29 May 20

As Australia re-opens, the bars, cafes and restaurants that give life to our streets face a tough ask: stay open and stay afloat with just a fraction of the customers.

The vaccine we’re testing in Australia is based on a flu shot. Here’s how it could work against coronavirus

28 May 20

A new trial has begun in Victoria this week to evaluate a potential vaccine against COVID-19. The vaccine is called NVX-CoV2373 and is from a US biotech company, Novavax.