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RELTA (RMIT English Language Test for Aviation) is designed for pilots and air traffic controllers who must demonstrate their English language proficiency for licensing purposes.

RELTA consists of a 30-minute Speaking Test and a 40-minute Listening Test. Both parts of RELTA are delivered via computer with an examiner interlocutor delivering the Speaking Test.

The RELTA practice test gives you the opportunity to familiarise yourself with the test format before you undertake the official RELTA at an accredited RELTA test centre.

Skills and Learning outcomes

The test assesses a candidate's ability to speak and understand English in aviation contexts, including routine and non-routine radiotelephony communication contexts, with a focus on plain English.

RELTA is used to evaluate language proficiency across the six language criteria detailed in the ICAO Language Proficiency Rating Scale: pronunciation, structure, vocabulary, fluency, comprehension and interactions for the six ICAO proficiency levels.


RELTA Listening Test

There are three sections to the RELTA listening test. There are 10 multiple choice questions in for each section. RELTA for pilots includes 10 short answer questions in Section 2.  Sections 1 focuses on routine radiotelephony situations. Section 2 covers non-routine situations and Section 3 will require candidates to understand a conversation about the debriefing of an Aviation situation.

RELTA Speaking Test

The RELTA Speaking is delivered via a computer. The RELTA examiner and candidate communicate via headset in the role-played radiotelephony components of the test (sections 1 and 2). The RELTA examiner controls the display of information (pictures and speaking prompts) on the candidate’s computer screen remotely. Only in the interview during Section 3 is there face-to-face contact with the RELTA examiner.

Section 1 is a simulation of a routine radiotelephony situation and section 2 a non-routine situation. In Section 3, candidates will discuss a range of work-related topics.

We recommended you record your RELTA speaking practice test so you can review your performance.

RELTA practice test user guide

The user guide will give you step by step instructions to complete the RELTA practice test.

RELTA visual prompt guide

This guide will take you through the main symbols used in the RELTA speaking simulations.

When can I do it?

When you have registered to use the RELTA practice test you may use it as many times as you want. When you are ready to undertake the official RELTA, you must contact an accredited RELTA test centre.

When can I do it ?