Trump’s Nationalism, Nuclear Missile Treaty & Future of European Security

19 Nov 18
RMIT University Building 80, Level 5, Lecture Theatre 12 445 Swanston Street Melbourne, VIC 3000

The recent announcement by US President Donald Trump to withdraw from the 1987 Nuclear Missile Treaty raised more concerns in Europe about its security.

RMIT Accounting Educators' Conference

19 Nov 18
RMIT University, Building 16, Level 7

The theme of this year's Conference is "Out with the old, in with learning technologies" and is of relevance to all educators.

Trump and truth: Columbia University's Anya Schiffrin

19 Nov 18
RMIT Garden, Building 10, Level 05, Room 89, 376-392 Swanston St, Melbourne

Online disinformation: a taxonomy of solutions

Bachelor of Communication (Media) End of Year Events

12 Oct 18 - 19 Nov 18
RMIT City Campus (see locations) & Maribyrnong

Come one, come all to MEDIA STUDIOS PRESENT; a festival of events from 12-19 October showcasing the wonderful work of students in the Bachelor of Communication (Media) studios!