2022 invoices update: 2022 fees and charges are currently being finalised and configured. We expect to have this finished and ready to issue invoices for 2022 enrolments in early December.

Understand your fees

Find out about the different fee-types, how to view your fees and their due dates.

Pay online with VISA or MasterCard

You can choose to pay online via:

  • Enrolment Online, or
  • If you can't access Enrolment Online, via the RMIT online payment system
1. Pay via Enrolment Online:
  1. Log in to Enrolment Online.
  2. Click My Student Record.
  3. Under the Financial details menu, click View account/pay fees
  4. Click pay by credit card.
  5. Select the charges that you wish to pay. You can allocate your payment to a specific charge or allocate a lump sum.
  6. Enter your credit card details or use your saved details from a previous transaction.
  7. Once your payment is received, a receipt will be sent to your RMIT student email account.
2. Pay via the RMIT online payment system:

If you can't access Enrolment Online, you can pay via the RMIT online payment system.

Pay from an overseas bank account

You can pay your RMIT fees from your overseas bank account via:

  • wire transfer, or
  • Electronic Funds Tranfer (EFT).
If you pay from a bank account outside Australia, it can take more than 7 business days for your payment to clear. If your payment due date is soon, we recommend you pay online by VISA or MasterCard to avoid having your enrolment cancelled.
1. Pay by wire transfer:
  1. Go to Pay by international wire (telegraphic transfer)
  2. Enter your student information.
  3. Enter your payment amount in Australian dollars. Select Add to Cart, and then Process Payment.
  4. Select International Wire (Western Union Global Pay for Students).
  5. Select Pay Now. You will be redirected to the payment portal to complete the remaining steps.
  6. Select the country from which you will be sending your payment/bank transfer and check the Invoice/Order box. Select Get a quote.
  7. Select the currency that you wish to pay in. Select Next.
  8. Enter the details of the person making the payment and proceed to payment.
  9. Complete your payment at your local bank branch or with online banking, using the printed/emailed instructions.

You can Track your payment using the Western Union Payment reference.

2. Pay by Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT)

To make a secure Electronic Funds Transfer from an an international bank account, you'll need:

  1. RMIT's BSB number: 066-769
  2. Account number: This can be found on your tax invoice next to ‘By Electronic Funds Transfer’. This number is unique to your student record and allows RMIT to correctly allocate the payment to your record. 
  4. Bank address: Usually you don't need a bank address for EFT transfers. However, if you do need one please use the following:

Commonwealth Bank of Australia
G.01 325 Collins St
Victoria 3000

We recommend that you enter your student number as the payment reference.   

3. Other ways to pay

For these payment methods, you'll need a copy of your tax invoice. 

Please allow two business days for payments to clear.

You'll need:
  1. Your unique BPAY reference number: this is on the front page of your tax invoice under the heading Ways to pay.
  2. RMIT's Biller Code: 24364

RMIT doesn't provide a receipt for BPAY payments. For proof of your payment, please save a copy of your BPAY receipt page.

Please allow two business days for payments to clear.

To pay via BPOINT:
  1. Call 1300 276 468 from within Australia and follow the prompts.
  2. Provide RMIT's Biller Code: 24364
  3. Provide your unique BPOINT reference number: this is on the front page of your invoice under the heading Ways to pay.

RMIT doesn't provide a receipt for BPOINT payments. For proof of payment, please keep a record of your BPOINT receipt number. 

To make a secure Electronic Funds Transfer from an Australian bank account you'll need:

  1. Your unique account number: this is on the front page of your tax invoice.
  2. RMIT’s BSB number: 066-769 

We recommend that you enter your student number as the payment reference.   

Need help?

If you have a question about your fees, please contact RMIT Student Connect for advice.

Having trouble paying your fees?

We understand that you may experience financial difficulties at some point during your studies. If you're having difficulty paying your fees or think you might in the future, there is help available.

Book an appointment with a Student Support Advisor as soon as possible to discuss your options.