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Which courses should I choose?  You can find your program structure in Enrolment Online along with information to help you with your course selection. Self-service/chat/ call us/portal
Which courses are available in spring, summer and flexible term?

You can find our Spring, Summer and Flexible term courses listed with delivery dates to determine if any of these are suitable for you.

You can also  find out about Global Experiences available to you.

What should I do if I would like to change programs? Current and recent RMIT local students can fast-track their application for a new program. Self-service
I am currently studying a double degree but would like to change to a single degree, how can I do that? You are welcome to apply to change programs. Please search for the program you are interested in via our study with us webpage and apply directly to us. Self-service
Can I please have a program map created for my studies? Our teams can create a map for your program for you and send this to you via email. Portal
How do I get help with enrolling? You can follow the step-by-step enrolment guide to successfully enrol and secure your place at RMIT. Self-service/chat/call us/portal
How do I enrol after the last day to add courses? In special circumstances, you may request permission to add classes after the deadline. Follow the instructions under "Adding classes after the deadline" on the Change or cancel your enrolment page. Self-service
Can I receive assistacne for enrolment variation? You can download and submit a form to RMIT for approval for Enrolment Variation. Self-service
I am an international student and I need to extend my Confirmation of Enrolment You can find out about your CoE and apply for an extension. Self-service
I would like some assistance with my timetable You can create and view your class timetable via myTimetable. Self-service
I would like to change my study load Domestic students are able to study 12-48 credit points per semester. International students must study 48 credit points per semester unless they experience compassionate and compelling circumstances. To reduce your study load, submit your compassionate and compelling circumstances documentation, Reduced Study Load Application Form and your supporting documentation for assessment via the Enrolment load requirements for student visa holders page. Self-service/chat/ call us/portal
Can I study more than four courses in a semester? If you haven't failed any courses within your last two semesters or have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, we may be able to approve you to overload one additional course in a given semester. If you don't meet these requirements but would still like to overload, your request may also be considered based on your circumstances. Portal
How do I take a leave of absense? You may apply for a Leave of Absence from your studies for either six months or one year. Self-service
How do I enrol in a course that I have not met the pre-requsuite for? You may apply for a Requisite Waiver. Self-service
I would like to return early from LOA, how can I do so? Our teams can assist you with changing your return date. Chat/portal
I would like to return early from defement, how can I do so? Our teams can assist you with changing your return date. Chat/portal
How to apply for Credit Transfer based on prior studies? Previous studies were completed outside RMIT
  1. A signed and completed Credit Transfer Form with sections A, B and C filled.
  2. A copy of your official academic transcript with final grades.
  3. A copy of your course guides/ subject syllabus from your previous University for each of the courses you are using to seek credits. Please note that these must be from the year that you completed the subject, and must include learning outcomes and assessment tasks that can be matched up to the RMIT course equivalent when assessed.

If you wish to apply for credit for a University elective please write University Elective under the column 'Corresponding RMIT Course'.

Download and complete the appropriate Apply for Credit form.

Previous studies were completed at RMIT

1. A signed and completed Credit Transfer Form with sections A, B and C filled.

If you wish to apply for credit for a University elective please write University Elective under the column 'Corresponding RMIT Course'.

Download and complete the appropriate Apply for Credit form

Please note courses completed in previous programs that are also in your new program structure will be credited internally with grades. You do not need to apply for credit transfer for these.

Credit FAQs Will credit transfer affect my GPA? Credit granted from RPL (work experience) and external studies will not have an effect on your GPA. Credits transferred internally for courses the same between programs will carry the grade across and will affect your GPA. Self-service
How do I know if I am eligible for credit transfer?

To be eligible for credit transfer you must:

  • Be active and enrolled in a program
  • Have completed the prior studies you are using as a basis for your application, within 10 years prior to commencing your program
  • Have not previously received credit using the same prior studies
  • Have submitted all required forms and documents
  • Have not already received the maximum amount of credit transfer available for your program
When can I apply for credit?

You must be active in your program and enrolled in at least 1 course. 

For commencing students, please refer to RMIT Important Dates for information on when Enrolment opens for your commencing Semester.

What credits am I eligible for?

It is recommended you look through your Program Guide to determine what courses are part of your program and review the individual course guides to see if the courses you have completed previously overlap with the content of the course offered at RMIT, if it does and you have already successfully completed study in that area, you can apply for credit for that course.

If you are still unsure it is recommended that you reach out to your Program Manager for assistance.

My program has changed. Do I need to apply for credit for the new courses? Courses that have been completed as part of your program are typically recognised in a transition plan and you do not need to apply for credit transfer however it is recommended that you reach out to your program manager directly with any questions regarding program transitions. Self-service
How long does credit take to process? Credit Transfer applications are typically processed within 5 - 10 business days however during periods of high volume, applications will take longer. We always encourage you to apply for credit with plenty of time prior to census dates. Self-service
What prior studies can I use to apply for credit?

Different types of award programs may include content at the same AQF level. Accordingly, credit transfer towards core and option elective courses may be available between:

a. undergraduate certificate, a certificate IV, diploma, advanced diploma, associate degree, bachelor degree and bachelor honours degree, or

b. a bachelor honours degree, graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters degree and doctorate.

Credit transfer is only available for learning that is deemed current by the credit assessor and will not be granted for courses completed more than 10 years before the student’s commencement of the RMIT program.

How do I apply to graduate? You can apply to graduate via Enrolment Online. Once logged in: Go to My Student Record > Graduation details > Apply to graduate/Change graduation option. Follow the instructions to select your graduation option and complete your application. After you've applied, you can continue to log in to change your graduation option and other details until the deadline. If you don’t apply to graduate, you’ll automatically graduate in absentia at the end of the month once you have been confirmed as completed from your program. Self-service/chat
When will I be marked as complete? It usually takes two -four weeks from results release until you will be marked as 'complete' if you have met your program completion requirements. These timelines may take longer during our busiest times. Once you've been marked as complete, your digital academic transcript will be available via MyeQuals. To check if you have been marked as complete: Log in to Enrolment Online. Click My Student Record. Click View Academic History/Results. If your program status shows as 'completed', your digital academic transcript will be available via MyeQuals. Self-service/chat
What if I don't want to attend a graduation ceremony? You can choose to graduate at a ceremony or in absentia. Self-service
Can I exit my program early? Depending on the program that you study, you may be able to exit your program early with a lower award. Our teams can assist you with determining your eligability. Portal
How do I access my results/GPA? You can view your academic history/results (including your GPA) via Enrolment Online. Phone/chat/portal
What should I do if I have missing results? Our teams can assist you in rectifying a missing result. Portal
I am not satisfied with my results, how do I appeal them?  If you think you should have received a different grade from the one you got, you should ask for a review with your course coordinator or program manager within 5 days of your results being released. Self-service/portal
What do my grades mean?  You can review what your grades mean. Self-service
How is my WAM calculated?  A weighted average mark (WAM) is only calculated for students enrolled in honours programs. You can review specifics on how your WAM is calculated for the type of program you are studying. Self-service
How do I get an official academic transcript?  All other students can order and pay for their transcript online. Self-service
What is special consideration? If unexpected circumstances beyond your control have affected your ability to complete an assessment, you may be eligible to apply for Special Consideration. Self-service
How can I apply for special consideration? You can apply for special consideration online. Self-service
I'd like some assistance in submitting a special consideration application. You can make an appointment with a Student Welfare Advisor to discuss the special consideration process in detail, or for assistance in lodging your application. Self-service
What is unsatisfactory academic progress? To be officially identified as making unsatisfactory academic progress, a student needs to meet the criteria in the following document (PDF, 123KB). If this happens, you'll be advised by email that you are at risk of not meeting the academic requirements of your program. Self-service/poral
How can I receive support if I am having trouble with my studies? We have a number of Support & Services available at the university that you can access for free. Self-service
What is low completion rate? Low completion rate is an Australian Government term that applies to students commencing a program in or after 2022 in a Commonwealth supported place (CSP) or with a HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP loan. If a student has a low completion rate, the Government will remove its funding. Find out more about low completion rates and government funding. Self-service/poral
Work Integrated Learning You can find out about internships and WIL. Portal
Advice for Engineering students School of Engineering students should consult this Work Experience site for information on Undergraduate OENG1165, OENG1164 or Postgraduate EEET2471 enrolment. Portal
WIL letter of endorsement Our teams can assist in providing you with a letter of endorsement. Portal

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