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Update: VE Connect City campus in-person services have moved
From 18 June 2024, VE Connect in-person services on the City campus will be located at building 94, level 2.

Course, program and results assistance for College of Vocational Education (VE) students.

VE Connect is the support service for current College of Vocational Education students.

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Call +61 3 9925 5000 and select the option to 'Speak to your School', then 'College of VE'. Operating hours: 9am-5pm Mon-Thu, 10am-5pm Fri, excluding public holidays

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In-person VE Connect support is available at multiple locations.

During particularly busy times, our phone line may close earlier than the listed time. This ensures we can answer existing queued enquiries before the service closes at the time listed. Alternatively, you can submit an enquiry via the online portal any time, and we will respond as soon as possible.

VE Connect opening hours

Location Address Operating hours
City campus Building 94, Level 2,
23/27 Cardigan St, Carlton

1 July–2 August

8am-4pm Monday-Friday, excluding public holidays

Brunswick campus Building 514, Level 1,
25 Dawson Street, Brunswick

1 July–2 August

9am-5pm Monday-Thursday and 10am-5pm Friday, excluding public holidays

Student Connect City Building 10, Level 4. 
330/334 Swanston St, Melbourne

1 July–31 July

9am–5pm Monday to Thursday and 10am–5pm Friday

What can we help with?

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How do I enrol into a traineeship/apprenticeship with RMIT? To enrol with RMIT as an apprentice/trainee you should:
  1. Make contact with the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network who can explain and assist with finding employment as an apprentice
  2. Sign a training contract with your employer and the Apprenticeship Network provider
  3. Nominate RMIT as your preferred Registered Training Organisation (RTO).

Once RMIT received your enrolment information from Victorian Registration and Qualifications Authority (VRQA), RMIT will contact you regarding enrolment. You should then follow the Apprentice and trainee enrolment guide to complete your enrolment.

You may also wish to check the list of apprenticeships and traineeships programs offered at RMIT.

Contact the Australian Apprenticeship Support Network to find employment as an apprentice

When will I start my apprenticeship/traineeship?

You will be contacted by RMIT after we are notified by the Apprenticeship Network and the Victorian Registration and Qualification Authority (VRQA) to organise your enrolment. This may take up to 8 weeks. 

If you have not been contacted by RMIT after 8 weeks, please contact us (see contact methods across).

How do I view/download my training plan? You can view and download a copy of your training plan any time via Enrolment Online. Self-service
Where is my timetable? Timetables for pre-apprenticeships, apprenticeships and traineeships will be provided to you via email alongside your commencement information approximately 6 weeks prior to classes commencing.  
How do I apply for sponsorship? (Employer payment of fees) To apply of sponsorship, follow the steps under How to enrol Part 2 – Step 4a. Employer sponsorship in the Apprentice and trainee enrolment guide.
How do I get my Artic Letter for my licence? (Refrigeration students)

A Refrigeration and Air Conditioning (RAC) Trainee Licence is required for a person who is handling refrigerant while undertaking training and/or assessment leading to a National Quality Council endorsed qualification in refrigeration and/or air conditioning.

To request proof of enrolment for your trainee licence, please contact us (see contact methods across).

What is Exemplar/Profile 21?  How do I access it?

Exemplar Profiling is a software used to record your on-the-job work experiences.

If you have any questions regarding entering this information, contact your teacher via email or Canvas.

Contact your teacher via email or Canvas
When can I apply to sit my Plumbing Registration (Journeyman’s Exam)?  How do I do this?

You can sit your examination after you have completed your training qualification requirements at RMIT.

To book, go to RMIT Short Courses.

How do I receive a Licensed Electrical Assessment (LEA) Authorisation to Sit Letter? (LET/ SWP/LEP) Please contact us (see contact methods across) so we can assess your eligibility. Portal
How do I change my employer details? Please contact your Apprenticeship Network Provider in the first instance. RMIT will be notified of any changes through them. Contact your Apprenticeship Network Provider
I am no longer employed, what do I need to do? If you are no longer employed, please contact us as soon as possible (see contact methods across) so we can discuss further options with you. You will also need to contact your Apprenticeship Network Provider to discuss how to proceed with your training contract. Portal/phone
I have missing results. Who do I contact? You can view your progress at any time via Enrolment Online. If you have any questions regarding your program, you can contact us (see contact methods across). Self-service/phone/portal
I have completed all my studies, when will I complete my program? You can view your progress at any time via Enrolment Online. As an apprentice/trainee, your program will need to be signed off by your employer. If you have any further questions, please contact us (see contact methods across). Self-service/phone/portal

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Which courses should I choose? 

You can find your program structure in Enrolment Online along with information to help you with your course selection.

Please note, if you are enrolling in Certificate I-IV, Diploma or Advanced Diploma, courses have been pre-selected in Enrolment Online for you to add.

If you need further assistance, you can contact us (see contact methods across).

Which courses are available in spring, summer and flexible term?

You can find our Spring, Summer and Flexible term courses listed with delivery dates to determine if any of these are suitable for you.

You can also  find out about Global experiences available to you.

What should I do if I would like to change programs? Current and recent RMIT local students can submit an internal application for a new program. Self-service

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How do I get help with enrolling?

Enrolment guides for new and continuing students are available on the Enrolment page.

If you need further assistance, you can contact us (see contact methods across).

How do I enrol after the last day to add courses? In special circumstances, you may request permission to add classes after the deadline. Follow the instructions under Enrolling in classes after the last day to add on the Change or cancel your enrolment page. Self-service
Can I receive assistance for enrolment variation? You can download and submit a form to RMIT for approval for Enrolment variation. Self-service
I am an international student and I need to extend my Confirmation of Enrolment You can find out about your CoE and apply for a new CoE. Self-service
How do I view my class timetable?

To find out how to view and/or allocate your class timetable, follow the instructions on Guide to timetabling – Vocational education.

For Apprentice and Trainee students, please check the Apprenticeship and Traineeship section (see above) for timetable advice.  

How do I study part-time (reduce my study load)?

Moving to a part-time study load can broadly impact your studies. To receive the best advice on undertaking part-time study, please start by contacting your Program Manager/Coordinator for academic advice and a part-time study plan. Following this, please reach out to VE Connect via the portal for advice on adjusting your enrolment to a part-time load.  

Please note, changing your study load may affect your program duration and completion date.

International students must enrol in a full-time load each semester unless they experience compassionate and compelling circumstances. To find out more and apply to reduce your study load, see the Enrolment load requirements for student visa holders page.

For students studying an Associate Degree or Diploma of Commerce only: Domestic students can study 12-48 credit points per semester. You can change your study load simply by enrolling in fewer or more courses in Enrolment Online.


Can I study more than four courses in a semester?

For Associate Degree and Diploma of Commerce only

If you are studying an Associate Degree or Diploma of Commerce and you haven't failed any courses within your last two semesters or have a GPA of 2.5 or higher, we may be able to approve you to overload one additional course in a given semester. If you don't meet these requirements but would still like to overload, your request may also be considered based on your circumstances.  Portal
How do I take a leave of absence? Follow the instructions to apply for a leave of absence. Self-service
I would like to return early from leave of absence or deferment, how can I do so? Our teams can assist you with changing your return date. Portal
How do I re-enrol after returning from leave of absence? See re-enrol as a continuing student for instructions on how and when you can re-enrol after a leave of absence. Self-service
How do I re-enrol after defering my offer? Go to enrol as a new student to find your enrolment guide, then follow the steps in your guide to enrol in your program. Self-service

For information on how to apply for credit, application deadlines and more, please see Apply for credit for prior learning or experience.

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How do I apply to graduate? Follow the instructions on the Apply to graduate page. Self-service
When will I be marked as having "completed" my program? Program completion takes place up to two weeks after your final course result release date. For information on when your results are released and how to tell when you’ve been marked as complete in you program, go to the Results page. Self-service
What if I don't want to attend a graduation ceremony? You can choose to graduate at a ceremony or in absentia. Self-service

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How do I view my results and/or grade point average (GPA)?

To view your results, follow the instructions on the Results page.

To view your GPA, follow the instructions on the GPA page.

What should I do if I have missing results?

Results are not released until the results release date for each semester. For information about when results are released and how to check your results, go to Results – When and how.

If your results are still missing after the results release date, contact VE Connect (see contact methods across).

I am not satisfied with my results, how do I appeal them? If you think you should have received a different grade from the one you got, you should ask for a review with your Program Coordinator/Manager within 5 days of your results being released. Contact your Program Coordinator/Manager via Canvas
What do my grades mean? You can view the different grades and their meanings. Self-service
How do I get an official academic transcript or other academic statement? Follow the relevant instructions on the Types of academic statements and how to get them page. Self-service

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What’s the difference between an extension and special consideration? Which one should I apply for? RMIT provides a number of "adjustments to assessment" including extensions and special consideration. To understand the different types of adjustments and which is best for you, see the table on the Extensions and special consideration page. Self-service
How can I apply for an extension? Download the application form available on How to apply section of the Extensions page then submit it via the portal. Self-service/portal
How can I apply for special consideration? Follow the instructions in the How to apply section of the Special consideration page. Self-service
I'd like some assistance in submitting a special consideration application. You can make an appointment with a Student Welfare Advisor to discuss the special consideration process in detail, or for assistance in lodging your application. Make an appointment with a Student Welfare Advisor

Question Answer Best resolution method
What is "unsatisfactory academic progress"? To be officially identified as making unsatisfactory academic progress, a student needs to meet the criteria in the PDF available on the Academic progress and low completion rates page. If this happens, you'll be advised by email that you are at risk of not meeting the academic requirements of your program. Self-service
How can I receive support if I am having trouble with my studies?


RMIT has a number of Support and services available that you can access for free.

If you are experiencing illness or personal circumstances that impact your ability to complete an assessment, you may also be eligible for an extension or special consideration.

What is "low completion rate"? For a full explanation of what low completion rate is and how it can impact you, please see the Low completion rates and government funding page. Self-service

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Where can I find information on internships, work experience and Work Integrated Learning (WIL)? Go to the Internships, work experience and WIL page. Self-service
Are there additional requirements to participate in Work Integrated Learning (WIL)?

Yes, the additional requirements will depend on your program. Speak with your Program Manager/Coordinator to check availability.

For general information regarding WIL compliance requirements, email

Contact your Program Manager/Coordinator
I have a question regarding my clinical placement (health programs only) For queries regarding your clinical placement, students should contact the Placement Allocation team by emailing Email

Schools in the College of Vocational Education

Contact us if you're a vocational education student studying in one of the following clusters:

  • Creative Industries
  • Future Technologies
  • Business and Enterprise
  • Built Environment and Sustainability
  • Social Care and Health

Not in one of the schools listed above? Find your School and College contact.

Something else?

Please contact Student Connect for assistance and they will be happy to point you in the right direction. RMIT also has a range of Support and services you may wish to review.

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