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Partnerships delivering real world impact

With a reputation for leading innovation and providing world-class education and research, the STEM College provides opportunities to grow your business and deliver transformative impact.  

By working together with industry across a range of areas including research, commercialisation and future workforce talent, we can share knowledge and access to expertise to solve real world problems. 

Transforming what's next for STEM

Hear from RMIT and STEM industry experts as they explain what's next for STEM education and industry connections.

Ways to engage

Partnering with RMIT gives your organisation access to world-class talent, facilities and ground-breaking research. We collaborate from concept to commercialisation across many industries, challenging ideas and pushing innovation. 

Take a look at some of the ways you can partner with us.

Research and innovation

Access world-class research with real local impact.

Research infrastructure

Our extensive infrastructure facilitates innovation.


Collaboration that leads to funding opportunities.

International engagement

We are a global university working with international industries.

Access to talent

Connecting you with work-ready graduates, career fairs and upskilling bootcamps.


Explore opportunities to nurture talent and knowledge.

Student Learning and Work Integrated Learning Experiences

Learn how your industry can directly engage with students.

Learning and teaching of programs

Share your industry experience and expand your exposure with students.

Workforce training

Upskill your employees with accredited courses.

Programming student

Inspire and mentor future STEM leaders

Connect with us and give students in-demand industry experience and insights that will accelerate their careers.

Investing in the next generation of STEM researchers, practitioners, tech stars and leaders is not only an investment in our future workforce, but an investment in people who can transform our world.

News and case studies

Portrait of Mohan Krishnamoorthy

Mohan Krishnamoorthy

Associate Deputy Vice Chancellor Strategy and Innovation

Mohan is well positioned to help us grow the STEM College strategic partnerships with industry and other external stakeholders across research, education and innovation, and to shape and manage our vast engagement and partnerships ecosystem across the College in a professional manner for agility and scale.

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Contact information

Industry partnering opportunities and any questions:

David Pardoe: +61 39925 0332

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) and placement opportunities:

Barti Murugesan: +61 3992 55631

Research and Innovation

 We connect locally and globally with all Industry partners through:​

  • Co-investment – Joint investment and development in new technologies and ideas.​
  • HDR Students – Involvement of innovative HDR Students in solving R&D problems in your business.  ​
  • Contract research – Jointly creating knowledge through specific research services to meet your industry needs. ​
  • Leveraged funding opportunities – support industry to receive matching funding from state, national and global opportunities.​
  • Access intellectual property (IP) for commercialisation –  facilitate industry access to new technologies using flexible, best practice commercialisation models and approaches. ​
  • Short term consulting – Leveraging RMIT expertise to solve short term industry problems. ​
  • R&D Investment – Long term joint research project collaboration. Focused on creating significant knowledge to address industry challenges​.
  • Funded positions – RMIT researchers embedded in business or industry partners embedded in RMIT​.
  • Connect to global research partners – Leveraging existing global RMIT connections to collaborate and accelerate growth.

Research infrastructure

Numerous opportunities exist for our industry partners to access and collaborate with us across our infrastructure facilities including: ​

  • Food pilot plant ​
  • Nutrition, clinical trials​
  • Manufacturing across scale​
  • Novel materials, mano-micro-macro scale​
  • Heavy structures, Soil, Concrete, 3D printing​
  • Composites, Aerospace, Defence, Automotive​
  • Clinical trials, Medical devices, Radiation​
  • Super computing, AI, ML, WiLab ​
  • Environment, PC2, PC3 ​
  • Microscopy, micro analysis characterisation​
  • Leveraging RMIT infrastructure/Contract research – RMIT will provide consulting /contract research using our infrastructure. Utilising existing RMIT facilities, equipment and expertise to provide innovative solutions.  
  • External party access our infrastructure – Industry Partners and their collaborators can access facilities, equipment and knowledge base (Fee for service at a discounted cost).​
  • Partnerships based on infrastructure contributions – Joint research projects where partner supports cost of infrastructure​.
  • Co creation of infrastructure – joint design of new research infrastructure projects​.
  • Joint bids for creation of national research infrastructure –Partner with us on national grants for infrastructure.​
  • Partners access Infrastructure through joint national competitive grants​.


We work with industry in the following ways:​

  • Facilitate commercialisation – Using best practise commercialisation processes delivering fair and reasonable outcomes​.
  • Contract research based on IP - Development, Refinement and Adaptation of existing Intellectual Property (owned or licenced).
  • Commercialisation Funding options – We collaborate to explore the best funding opportunities and commercialisation vehicles for each engagement​.
  • Venture management & governance – as a collaboration we work together to established commercial ventures based on RMIT IP.
  • Leveraging RMIT expertise and technology - Assist industry partners establish robust IP Management practises to support effective commercialisation.​
  • Commercial negotiation & management – We leverage RMIT expertise and commercial acumen to manage opportunities and engagements. ​
  • Partner engagement – We actively collaborate and engage to understand industry needs and provide real-world solutions. ​
  • IP & Commercialisation Strategy Development – We collaborate and offer experience in managing IP and in making strategic commercial decisions with developed IP.​
  • Access intellectual property (IP) for commercialisation – facilitate industry access to new technologies using flexible, best practice commercialisation models and approaches. ​

International engagement

  • Overseas Industry partners – as a Global University you have access to our global network and ecosystem​.
  • Offshore degree studies – ensure your workforce has the skills required by enrolling them into the relevant programs and courses.​
  • PhD Clusters – Co investment and collaboration opportunities including a global team-based group of HDRs (Higher Degree Research candidates) embedded within your organization focusing on your industry specific challenges.​
  • Customised training solutions - RMIT or Industry co-designed programs which upskill employees with knowledge and skills in a particular area. These courses help enhance workplace performance and/ or maintain compliance. Delivered flexibly, with both online, face-to-face components, on campus or onsite​.
  • Work ready interns - Discipline-specific, short-term, practical placements which provide real-world industry experience for undergraduate and postgraduate students​.
  • Policy dialogue & advocacy – engage in and contribute to policy development to maximise positive impact for the industry and community​
  • Research collaborations - Jointly collaborating in research projects focused on your industry challenges. 

Access to Talent

How to access talent from RMIT:​

  • ​Industry mentoring program - Creating the opportunity to access student cohorts for recruitment, whilst allowing your staff to share their experiences with the next generation of workers. ​
  • Branding opportunities - Co-brand your company within RMIT communications to gain exposure to future talent. ​
  • RMIT Employment Hub - Connecting you with work-ready students with the skills and knowledge to impact your business. (Includes part time, full time graduate recruitment, vacation programs and co positions)​
  • Industry upskilling bootcamps - Collaborate with us to create a tailored skills-based bootcamp for students for upskilling, whilst also creating a talent pool for business and client partners. Staff can connect with talented students and collaborate with academics to develop a bootcamp that students can attend as part of their course or as an extra-curricular program.​
  • Showcase career opportunities and paths/ ​Career Fairs and information/skills sessions - Share your industry and company talent requirements to our students expanding your exposure in the talent market​.
  • Work Integrated Learning (WIL) combines theory with practice in a workplace environment, ensuring that graduates are equipped with the skills and insight that employers value (Placements , projects)​.
  • Onsite graduate programs - We source and attract talented students for graduate programs and roles, paid internships, work placements, volunteer opportunities, co-op positions and vacation programs


Connect with us in the following ways:​​

  • Scholarships – Supporting scholarships allows your organisation to invest in and nurture future talent and gives you direct access to the next generation of job-ready graduates. ​
  • Prizes – By recognising and rewarding outstanding student achievement, your organisation can position itself as an employer of choice and kick-start your graduate recruitment process through meaningful connections with high-calibre students.​
  • Research projects – Contribute to research knowledge and scale up effective innovations, making a real impact on the products, processes and ideas that influence your industry standards​. ​
  • Global & Learning experiences – Support students to expand their global understanding and perspective through transformative learning experiences, exposure to new ideas, cultures and opportunities before they enter your workforce​. ​
  • Cultural and Physical gifts – Preserve your innovations or cultural legacy for generations to come by donating items of significance to RMIT, where they will inspire and educate our students, researchers and the community. ​
  • Capital Works – Support the historical and innovative excellence of RMIT by investing in our award-winning learning, research and community spaces so we can remain on the leading edge. ​
  • Innovation grants - Support grants to provide seed funding for innovative start-ups and social enterprises which can revolutionise the current competitive landscape and provide your organisation an edge in the industry. ​​
  • Academic positions – Fund an academic position to support research and learning, creating opportunities for subject matter experts relevant to your industry needs. 

Student learning experience

The channels by which RMIT work with industry includes:​

  • Scholarships and awards - Providing support for scholarships and prizes in enriching the future of students and recognising and rewarding their achievement. ​
  • Guest lectures - Speaking to our students as a guest speaker or member of a industry panel to inspire the next generation of professionals.​
  • Co teach - Industry experts can co-teach with our academics by undertaking casual teaching activities.​
  • Student Projects - Industry can propose short or longer-term student projects and work with the students in the development of smart and innovative solutions​.
  • Placements and internships - Industry take students on paid/unpaid placements/internships both nationally and internationally where the students work on-site on real industry problems with industry supervision.​
  • Apprenticeships and traineeships - are accredited learning pathways that combines paid on-the-job training and formal study. ​
  • Mentorship - challenge, motivate and empower our students by participating in informal meetings and networking events​.
  • Innovation capability training/bootcamp - Collaborate with us to create a tailored skills-based bootcamp for upskilling students, whilst also creating a talent pool for business and client partners. ​
  • Industry networking events ​ and hackathons, provide opportunities to obtain brand exposure and meet future recruitment talent.​
  • Graduate recruitment - Grow your talent pool and access potential employees.

Learning and Teaching of programs

  • Co-design courses – Embed your industry case studies and experiences into the learning experience through co-designed or guided assessments (templates, rubrics, projects). ​
  • Program /Industry Advisory committees – Industry experts take part in our Program Advisory Committees to provide advice to help shape our curriculum to reflect industry needs and best practices​.
  • Co teach – share your industry knowledge and experience by co-teaching into our short courses, bootcamps or join us as a guest lecturer.​
  • Workforce upskilling - Sector based training to upskill your workforce for the future.​
  • Women in STEMM – customised initiatives in outreach, cadetship and focused training​.
  • Capstone showcase - Through industry partnered projects, industry can engage with students as they explore and solve authentic organisational or industry problems, often using innovation frameworks and cross-disciplinary teams to find inventive solutions​.
  • Industry Partnered learning – embeds Work Integrated learning (WIL) and embedded industry activities into our programs. WIL is an opportunity to offer students practical work experience in your workplace. Other industry activities we can embed include guest industry lecturers, industry panels, industry nights and networking events, co design assessments and projects, mentorship and joint research projects.

Workforce training

  • Digital microcredentials – Enhance your employees performance and confidence to implement new skills​.
  • Short courses (Online, blended, onsite or on campus) - Upskill or reskill employees​.
  • Certificates, Diplomas and Degrees - Add accredited skills and specialisations to your workforce​.
  • Graduate Programs, Masters and Graduate certificates - Nurture your team to become qualified professionals in your sector.
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RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business. - Artwork created by Louisa Bloomer

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Acknowledgement of country

RMIT University acknowledges the people of the Woi wurrung and Boon wurrung language groups of the eastern Kulin Nation on whose unceded lands we conduct the business of the University. RMIT University respectfully acknowledges their Ancestors and Elders, past and present. RMIT also acknowledges the Traditional Custodians and their Ancestors of the lands and waters across Australia where we conduct our business.