After hours building access


If you have an RMIT student card you can apply to have it programmed for after hours access. Buildings and facilities requested must be relevant to your field of study and the application will be subject to your School's approval.


  1. Complete the Electronic Access Control form, and request additional access.
  2. RMIT Security will notify you by email within 5 working days of application. If you haven't received notification by this time contact RMIT Security.

If approved, your card will be programmed for a period of 12 months.

Re-issuing of access for returning students

Returning students can contact their Academic Services area to reinstate their after hours access.

Bike cage access

The following application process must be followed to add secure bike parking access to student cards:

  1. Fill out the Electronic Access Control form, and request additional access.
  2. You can expect to receive access within five days of RMIT Security receiving the application.

If you are on City campus, you have the option of taking your student card directly to RMIT Security and requesting Bike Cage access.

Free and secure bike parking is available for cyclists at the following campus locations:



City campus Building 51, Bike Hub at 80-92 Victoria Street, Carlton
(with showers and changing rooms)
Building 80, Level 1, 445 Swanston Street, Melbourne
(with showers, changing rooms and locker facilities)
Building 100 (Design Hub), Basement, 150 Victoria Street
Brunswick campus Adjacent to Building 514 (locker facilities in Building 514 foyer)
Bundoora campus west Building 222, multi-storey car park
Bundoora campus east Building 253 (changing and locker facilities in Building 254)

Lost or stolen cards

Report your lost or stolen card to your campus Security Control Centre as a matter of urgency so that RMIT Security can immediately deactivate the card.

 A replacement student card can be ordered online. Click here for information on how to request a new one. 

Rules of use for after hours access cards

In the interests of maintaining a safe and secure work and study environment for all, please note:

  • after hours access is a privilege
  • access approved areas only
  • no sleeping on campus
  • no alcohol
  • no antisocial behaviour

Student cards programmed with after hours access are not transferable. RMIT Security issues three warnings for card misuse:

  1. Students caught sharing their card for the first time will forfeit the use of their card for one week.
  2. A second offence will forfeit the use of their card for 2 weeks to 1 month. You must then apply through your Head of School to reactivate the card.
  3. If you are caught for a third time you will permanently forfeit your card.

Any person found to be using or attempting to use a card in an unauthorised manner will have their card confiscated and deactivated.

The Security Shift Supervisor is authorised to cancel a student’s after hours access card if the student does not comply to the request of an officer to adhere to the conduct standards expected of member of the University community.

The cancellation will have immediate effect and the card holder must forfeit the card upon request. Failure to adhere to the request may result in a charge of trespass.

Application for the card return will be determined by the Security Management Team and the Senior Advisor, Safer Community following an interview with the cardholder concerned.