Three main features in the SafeZone app

Your safety is our priority at all times. To help you feel safe on campus, download SafeZone, a free app which is available for any smartphone.

SafeZone has three main features, which will allow you to instantly access support and help if you need it. 

Emergency alert button

You can tap the red button for an emergency. If you, or another person nearby, find yourself in a situation where your personal safety is threatened, or you are hurt or injured, you can raise an Emergency alert.

When can you use the Emergency button?

  1. If you feel threatened, or if someone has threatened you
  2. If you have been assaulted or are the victim of a robbery
  3. If you are hurt or injured
  4. If you see somebody else being threatened, assaulted or robbed

Instant help calls

Tap Help to connect to Campus Security, and you can:

  • Get a safety escort after dark
  • Report a suspicious activity
  • Contact security for any other reason

First Aid alert

Tap First Aid if you or another person nearby needs medical assistance. A qualified first aid personnel will respond to the alert. 

When can you use First Aid alert?

  1. If you or someone near you is hurt or injured
  2. If you are not sure whether you may need an ambulance, raise the First Aid alert and ask the responders for assistance

There are so many other reasons to download SafeZone and register your details. Do it today!

Additional SafeZone features

The SafeZone app has other features which allow you to study safely on campus.

  • Location sharing: if you press one of the alert buttons, the app allows security to detect your location in case of emergency, or if you are unsure where you are on campus. 
  • Check in feature: if you are studying or working late on campus or on the weekends, particularly in quiet and secluded buildings, check in on the app. While your check-in is activated, campus security will know your location in case you need anything. 

Download the SafeZone app

Got questions?

Find out how SafeZone protects your privacy, stores your information, and how to configure your settings.

Read the SafeZone FAQs.

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