International Scholarships Terms and Conditions

Before you accept your provisional scholarship offer, please read all of the following Terms and Conditions.

1. Introduction

If you accept a scholarship at RMIT it means you accept these Terms and Condition and agree to their requirements and conditions. This Terms and Conditions document applies to the scholarships administered by the Sponsorship Development Team at RMIT University. There are separate Terms and Conditions that apply to Commonwealth Scholarships, Research Scholarships and other scholarships not administered by the Sponsorship Development Team; they are not contained within this document.

Note: RMIT University may make changes to these Terms and Conditions without notice.

Your provisional scholarship offer letter explains how to accept or reject your scholarship. You cannot defer a scholarship to a later semester or year. Fulfilling all other requirements, if the scholarship is not accepted within the specified date on the scholarship letter, your scholarship will be allocated to another eligible student.

We will send any correspondence regarding a successful application to the email address you put on your application. After you enrol as a RMIT student you must update your address via Enrolment Online and advise us from your student email account. Following this all correspondence will be sent to your student email account.

If you are a prospective RMIT student you must tell us if you change your name or address by submitting the information directly to the Sponsorship Development Team via the contact details below. Please note that if you do not respond to requests for information by the Sponsorship Development Team by requested dates your scholarship may be terminated or suspended.

Sponsorship Development Team contact details:


Eligibility criteria

To receive a scholarship you must meet the eligibility requirements, as outlined under scholarships.

Note: your continuing eligibility will be assessed on an ongoing basis each semester (if applicable). If you do not meet the eligibility criteria at the time of assessment your scholarship may be terminated or suspended.


To receive a scholarship, you must be enrolled full‐time in a program of study at RMIT (see Enrolment load). If you need to change your enrolment, you must follow the correct procedures and also comply with your international student visa conditions.

Visit Student essentials for more information. This will ensure that your scholarship is not affected. You must maintain an active (‘enrolled’) enrolment status at all times, unless you are on an approved leave of absence.


If you are re‐enrolling in your program, please re‐enrol by the last date in December for the following year as advised in important dates. Note: if you have a ‘discontinued’ enrolment status or are not enrolled in any course/s on the University’s student administration system your scholarship will be terminated or suspended. 

Changes to your enrolment must be notified in writing to the Sponsorship Development Team.

These changes include:

  • reducing study load
  • taking leave of absence.

Note: if you make a change to your enrolment it may affect your eligibility to receive a scholarship.

Enrolment Load

To be eligible for most scholarship you are required to have a standard full‐time enrolment load. A minimum study load for an enrolment to be considered full‐time is at least:

  • 48 credit points in a compulsory semester/teaching period for higher education programs; or 
  • 720 nominal hours in a year (or pro rata for programs with a duration less than one year) for TAFE programs. 

Reduced enrolment and exceptional circumstances

If you are receiving a scholarship that requires you to be enrolled full‐time, you may be able to reduce your enrolment in some exceptional circumstances. If you reduce your enrolment and want to keep your scholarship, you will need to notify the Sponsorship Development Team by submitting a written request, with current documentation that supports your request. You may be asked to provide this request and supporting documentation by a due date. If you fail to do so, your scholarship may be terminated or suspended.

Note: continuation of your scholarship during reduced enrolment is at the discretion of the Sponsorship Development Team. If your request to continue your scholarship while studying on reduced enrolment load is approved you will continue to receive scholarship entitlements for a period of not more than the duration on your offer letter. Your scholarship duration will not be extended, even if continuation of your scholarship during reduced enrolment study is approved. If you reduce your enrolment and cannot keep your scholarship, your scholarship will resume the next semester when your full‐time enrolment has recommenced. 


In most circumstances your scholarship cannot be deferred to the next semester/year. If you do not enrol and study in the first semester that a scholarship is offered, you will not be eligible for a scholarship and the scholarship will be terminated. You are welcome to apply for the scholarship again when it is next available if you are still eligible as per the eligibility criteria on the scholarship website. 

Leave of absence 

You cannot take a leave of absence and keep your scholarship. Your scholarship will be suspended for the duration of your leave of absence and resume when you return from leave of absence subject to ongoing eligibility (as per details outlined in your original provisional scholarship offer letter, and these terms and conditions). Please notify Sponsorship Development Team when you apply for leave of absence so that your scholarship entitlement can be updated. 


  • Not all scholarships allow students to take a leave of absence.
  • For scholarships where a leave of absence is not allowed, the scholarship will be terminated.

Your scholarship will be terminated if you take a leave of absence and do not advise the Sponsorship Development Team. And any scholarship received during this period will be required to be repaid to the Sponsorship Development Team.


If original scholarship eligibility requires enrolment in a specific program, you cannot retain that scholarship if transferring to another program.

If you do want to change program, you should discuss this with the Sponsorship Development Team to confirm that if you will continue to be eligible to receive your scholarship. If you can transfer your scholarship to a new program, the length of your scholarship will not extend. Your scholarship duration is based on your original program and provisional scholarship offer letter.

Note: Your scholarship cannot be transferred to another university or person.

Discontinuation of study

If you withdraw from your program, or your program is discontinued, your scholarship will be terminated. If you re‐apply for the same program at a later stage, you will also need to re‐apply for scholarships.

Please advise the Sponsorship Development Team if you are cancelling or have cancelled your enrolment. If you cancel your program after the semester has started, and payment for that semester has been made you will be required to repay to the Sponsorship Development Team.

If your scholarship is towards your tuition fees as full/partial fee waiver, you cannot apply for refund of that amount.


If you changed your citizenship status to non‐international student, your scholarship will be terminated.

The duration of your scholarship will be advised in your offer letter. Not all scholarship durations are the same.

Scholarship for standard full‐time program duration

If your scholarship duration is for the standard duration of your program, the scholarship will be valid for the standard full‐time duration of your program or the minimum enrolled credit points required graduating, whichever is reached first. If you have completed your program early, please notify Sponsorship Development Team.

Note: if you started your program prior to the commencement of your scholarship, your scholarship will only be paid for the remainder of the standard full‐time duration of your program.

Scholarships for less than program duration

If your scholarship duration is set for a certain number of semesters/years or one off payment (as noted in your offer letter), the scholarship will only be paid for that specific duration of time.

Periodically, scholarship recipients maybe requested to complete an online survey regarding your scholarship. Please complete the survey if the Sponsorship Development Team requests.

If you are a scholarship recipient, you irrevocably consent to the University:

  • photographing/videoing you and using any image of you in relation to the scholarship
  • using any written material that you have produced on your experiences at the University in relation to the scholarship
  • to be involved, if requested, in any scholarship related publicity as the University thinks fit in its absolute discretion to promote the University, Sponsors of Scholarships or any of the University’s activities. 
  • Acknowledge that all right, title and interest in or relating to any scholarship written material you have produced or image of you taken by or on behalf of the University belongs to the University, absolutely for its own use. 
  • Release the University from any claim by you or on your behalf, arising out of the University’s use of any scholarship written material you produce, photograph/video of you. 
  • If requested, will attend the scholarships ceremony, and you may be asked to participate in activities to promote your scholarship, including public speaking, open day, media interviews and photographs. Photos/video taken at these events may also be used for newsletters published by International office, RMIT University

Scholarship Value

The value of your scholarship is outlined in your provisional scholarship offer letter. The scholarship will be disbursed through following:

  • Tuition fees waiver (full/partial tuition fees)
  • Stipends/One of Payment.

Scholarship payments

Your provisional scholarship offer letter will detail information about your scholarship. To be eligible to receive the scholarship you must:

  • accept your provisional scholarship offer
  • maintain ongoing eligibility for your scholarship
  • comply with any requests for information by the due date as instructed in your provisional scholarship offer letter.

If your scholarship is a one off payment/stipend then you will be asked to provide your bank details by a required date and you fail to do so the scholarship may be terminated suspended for a semester, dependant on the scholarship. It is your responsibility to inform the Sponsorship Development Team if there is a change in address or banking details throughout the semester.

To retain your scholarship, you must:

  • advise the Sponsorship Development Team of any change to your enrolment such as (but not limited to) decrease in enrolment load to part‐time, leave of absence, cancellation of enrolment, change of citizenship, change of program
  • provide confirmation of your circumstances during the term of the scholarship, as requested
  • attend any scholarship ceremony as requested
  • maintain enrolment in a program at a RMIT campus in Australia
  • adhere to the University’s academic and administrative policies
  • adhere to the terms and conditions within this document. You must also meet any additional criteria as:
    • outlined in your provisional scholarship offer letter
    • listed under individual scholarship entries on the scholarships website.

As a recipient of a scholarship, you must diligently and to the best of your ability, apply yourself to the successful completion of your program of study. Some scholarships require your academic performance to be reviewed at the end of each semester/year to ensure the continuation of your scholarship. If your scholarship has no entry or mention of academic performance/grade requirement, there is no specific academic performance requirement (except if your program is discontinued due to your academic progress, in which case your scholarship will be terminated).

Learn more about academic progress, including the definition of satisfactory academic progress.

Find out more about GPAs.

Grounds for termination

Your scholarship will be terminated in any of the following circumstances:

  • you have changed your enrolment and not advised the Sponsorship Development Team
  • you have changed your citizenship status to non‐international student
  • discontinued your program or are not enrolled in a program 
  • failed to meet the eligibility criteria and terms and conditions of your scholarship
  • you have been over paid the full amount of your scholarship
  • provided false or misleading information when you apply for a scholarship or once you receive a scholarship
  • been suspended or excluded for misconduct from RMIT University
  • breached RMIT policies and procedures, rules and/or regulations or State or Commonwealth laws.

Consequences of termination

Your scholarship will be cancelled and you will not receive any further scholarship entitlements (applicable for ongoing scholarships). In most cases, RMIT will request the repayment of scholarship if overpaid.

Provision of false or misleading information

The offer and tenure of your scholarship is based on the information that you provide to the University. Your scholarship may be withdrawn at any stage if you provide incorrect information or withhold relevant information. If you provide false or misleading information in an application or supporting documentation or once you have received a scholarship, this is grounds for disciplinary 10 and/or legal action. Altering official documentation is also grounds for disciplinary and/or legal action.

The information supplied to RMIT University by applicants is collected for the primary purpose of assessing your eligibility to receive a scholarship. Other purposes of collection include dealing with administrative matters relating to your application and ongoing scholarship, corresponding with you and the compilation of statistics. Your confidentiality will be respected at all stages of the process.

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