Prepare to enrol

You’ll need to complete some tasks before you're ready to enrol. Remember to give yourself plenty of time to complete your enrolment.

You must have the following documents and information to enrol.

1. Passport, birth certificate or citizenship certificate

You'll use your current Australian/New Zealand passport (preferred), Australian citizenship certificate, birth certificate or other approved documentation to verify your citizenship and prove your eligibility for a government subsidised place.

2. Program code

Find your program code in your RMIT enrolment email.

3. Student number

Find your student number in your RMIT enrolment email.

You may need the following documents, depending on your circumstances.

4. Centrelink Concession Card 

If eligible, you can use your current Commonwealth Health Care Card, Pensioner Card or Veteran’s Gold Card to apply for a fee concession.

5. Tax File Number

You'll need your Tax File Number (TFN) if eligible to apply for a VET Student Loan. Your TFN must validate on your loan application, so confirm your details with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) now.

It’s easy to apply for a TFN online, but it can take up to 30 days, so apply now if you don’t have one.

Use a desktop or laptop computer, and enable pop-ups in your browser settings.

The LLN is an online English and maths assessment that will be used to: 

You must complete the LLN before you can enrol.

Already completed the LLN?

If you’ve already completed the RMIT LLN assessment, you don’t need to complete it again. You can continue to Step 4. Create your Unique Student Identifier (USI).

1. Complete the LLN

Log in to complete the LLN

Access the reference guide for the LLN

  • Your username is the letter 's' followed by your student number (excluding any additional letters), eg: s1234567.  Your student number is in your RMIT enrolment email.
  • Your password is the letter ‘p’ followed by your date of birth backwards and an exclamation mark (example: p19920428!)

It will take about 45 minutes to complete each assessment.

2. Get your results

It will take up to 48 hours for your results to be registered with RMIT. You'll be contacted via email or receive a phone call if we need to clarify any information.

While you wait, continue to Step 4. Create your Unique Student Identifier (USI) and How to Enrol - Part 1

The USI is a reference number that will give you access to an online record of all of your recognised training and qualifications.

It’s a government requirement that you have a USI to enrol in a vocational education program.

1. Get your ID ready

You’ll need ID such as a current passport, full birth certificate or driver’s license. You must use the same ID when you verify your citizenship and identity.

2. How to get a USI 

Create your USI

Make a note of your USI because you’ll need to provide it when you enrol.

How to enrol - Part 1

Follow these steps to enrol and secure your place at RMIT. Some steps require a response from RMIT, but you can 'Save for later' and finish enrolling when ready to continue. 

1. Log in to the Enrolment Online system

Log in to Enrolment Online

Please note: All steps in this section are completed in Enrolment Online.

2. Find your login details


Your RMIT ID (username) is the letter 's' followed by your student number (excluding any additional letters), eg: s1234567.  


Your temporary password is the letter ‘p’ followed by your date of birth backwards and an exclamation mark (example: p19920428!)

You should change your temporary password as soon as possible to make sure your student account is secure. You can use your new password to access all RMIT systems, including your student email account.

3. Select the Enrol button next to your program

The next step in Enrolment Online is to answer some questions to:

  • make sure the program is the most suitable qualification for you.
  • determine if you’ll need any support during your studies. If applicable, you’ll receive an email providing links to support resources.

These questions are straightforward - they relate to your previous education, career goals, access to technology and any special needs that you may have.

You may need to wait until a staff member has reviewed this information before being able to enrol in classes. In some cases, an RMIT staff member may call you to discuss your reasons for undertaking the program to ensure this is the most suitable and appropriate program for you. This review may take up to 2 business days.

1. Log in to Enrolment Online

Log in to Enrolment Online

2. Read your Training Plan
3. Agree to the acknowledgement statement

Once you’ve agreed to the acknowledgement statement, you can continue to enrol.

If you need to refer back to the Training Plan message, or check that you’ve agreed to it for all programs, go to My Student Record and select View vocational education training plan.


1. Answer questions and provide documents

You'll be asked to:

2. Wait to hear from RMIT

Wait while RMIT assesses your eligibility. We may call you to ask you some questions. 

It will take up to 48 hours for your documents to be assessed, but it may take longer during our busiest times.

You’ll get an email as soon as your documents have been assessed. 

3. Log back into Enrolment Online

Once assessed, log back in to Enrolment Online to accept your assessment outcome.

If assessed as eligible, you're now in a government subsidised place (GSP) which has a discounted fee rate. This does not guarantee you have secured a VET Student Loan.

Enrolment information sessions

If your offer email asked you to attend an enrolment information session before you enrol, you need to attend the session before you can continue to How to Enrol Part 2.

If you don’t have a session scheduled, go to How to Enrol Part 2 to complete your enrolment.

How to enrol - Part 2

You’re nearly there! Follow the steps below to complete your enrolment and become an official RMIT student.

Want to apply for a VET Student Loan? Make sure you’re eligible, and that you're enrolling in an eligible program. 

Not eligible? Go to Step 2. Complete My Checklist.

If you're eligible, you'll now be prompted in Enrolment Online to indicate if you want a VET Student Loan.

1. Indicate if you want a VET Student Loan

If you don't want a loan, indicate 'No, I am not interested in a VET Student Loan at this time'. Continue to Step 2.Complete My Checklist.

If you do want a loan, indicate 'Yes'.  You’ll then be asked to provide your Commonwealth Higher Education Student Support Number (CHESSN) consent. 

2. Read the government's VET Student Loan information

You must read the government's VET Student Loan information before applying for a VET Student Loan to understand your student obligations and responsibilities.

Under 18?

If you’re under 18 at the time of enrolling and want to take out a VET Student Loan, you need to complete and email the VET Student Loans Parental Consent Form to before you can apply.

3. Have your Tax File Number (TFN) ready

Enter your TFN or upload a copy of your Certificate of application.

Unless your TFN successfully validates with the Australian taxation office, your VET Student Loan will NOT be approved and your tuition fees will need to be paid in full to RMIT by the due date.

4. Submit your VET Student Loan Application in the eCAF portal

Once you've ​met all government requirements, including enrolment, the Department of Education and Training will send an email to your RMIT student email account with the information you need to log in and submit your application. This will include a link to the government’s eCAF (electronic Commonwealth Assistance Form) portal.

Your application must be submitted in the eCAF portal before your census date. You must wait 2 days after enrolling before you can submit your application.

5. Complete all your forms - don’t lose your loan!

The Department of Education and Training will email you three VET Student Loan progression forms in each year of your program. Make a note to complete all progression forms - if you miss one, you risk losing your loan.

In Enrolment Online, you'll now be prompted to complete My Checklist. 

1. Select Enrol to start My Checklist.
2. Accept RMIT’s terms and conditions
3. Fill in your personal details 
4. Provide statistical information

Not finished the checklist? Click Save for later and come back to it when you're ready.

You're eligible for a fee concession if:
  • you're enrolling for a certificate I - IV program and
  • you hold a current Centrelink concession card or are waiting for a Centrelink concession card.

Not eligible? Go to Step 4. Add classes.

I'm eligible, but don’t yet have my Centrelink concession card

If you don’t yet have your concession card, you can skip this step (go to Step 4. Add classes) and complete it later by selecting ‘Apply for fee concession’ from the My student record page in Enrolment Online. You must apply before your class start date to access the concession fee rate.

I'm eligible and the named Centrelink concession card holder

Enter your Customer Reference Number (CRN) or Veterans’ Affairs Reference Number (VRN). 

You’ll be notified immediately of your eligibility for a fee concession and can then proceed to Step 4. Add classes.

I'm eligible and listed as a child or dependent on the Centrelink concession card

You need to pick up a hardcopy application form from RMIT Connect.

1. Select your semester

Enrol in both semesters 1 and 2 (unless you're enrolling in a one-semester program). 

2. Select Show classes

3. Follow the instructions to select classes for each semester.

If you've been given a Class section code by your school to help you select classes, enter this in the Class section field and select Show classes.

If your classes are pre-selected for you, go to 4. Select Add selected classes


The Status column indicates the availability of classes. These will change as you enrol. See the key below.


4. Select Add selected classes

The classes you're enrolled in will now be displayed.


Repeat steps 1 - 4 for both semesters to enrol for the whole year. 

5. Finished enrolling?

Select Exit and check the pop-up summary of your enrolment to ensure all details are correct.


You can change your enrolment in Enrolment Online up until the last day to add or drop a class. See Important dates for details.

Change or cancel your enrolment

See your important dates

If you need proof of your enrolment, e.g. for Centrelink, your official Confirmation of Enrolment (CoE) will be available in Enrolment Online the day after you enrol.

Congratulations! You’re now officially an RMIT student!

What's next?

Now you're enrolled, it's time to get set for study and life at RMIT!  Access the info, systems and resources you need to be ready for first semester.

Need help?