Campus Safety and Security is the central point for lost property items at RMIT University.

If an item is identifiable, i.e. it has a student’s name or student number on it, the item will be catalogued and recorded in our database. The student will then be notified via email and advised where their item can be collected. Once emailed, a student has 30 days to collect their item. After 30 days, any uncollected items will be disposed of appropriately.

Any item without identification will have a note attached to it with the date the item was received at Campus Safety and Security. Claimants must provide a detailed description of the item before it can be collected. Unidentifiable items will be held for seven days then disposed of appropriately.

If you wish to enquire about a lost item, please contact Campus Safety and Security. Please note that telephone enquiries will only be possible for items that have identification marks and are recorded in our database.

Items can be collected Monday-Friday between 9am and 5pm at your Campus Safety and Security office.