Canvas is RMIT's Learning Management System (LMS), where you can find all of your course announcements and content, including class notes and resources. Canvas also allows you to participate in course activities, take assessments tasks, view and submit assignments, and receive your grades and feedback.


Logging in

Canvas top tips

Follow these tips to optimise your settings and get the most out of using Canvas.

1. View the video above to learn how to log in to and navigate Canvas.
2. Go to Account > Notifications and make sure the Announcement field is set to Notify me right away and Push Notifications are turned on.

3. If you can’t see your course on your Canvas dashboard, then click on Courses in the navigation panel to the left of your dashboard. Scroll down and select All courses at the bottom. If your missing course is in the All courses list, click on the star symbol next to it to make it appear on the dashboard. 


If you still can’t see your course this might be because it's still being prepared. Your teachers have been working hard to get your course content ready. It’s a big process, so we’re being careful to make sure we get it right, but rest assured they’ll be up there soon.


If you have any concerns about your course not being on Canvas, then please contact your teacher/course coordinator.


If you need technical support, the details (including 24/7 live chat) are available in the navigation bar on your Canvas dashboard.

4. Find each of your courses assignments by going to your Canvas Dashboard, click on a course, then select Assignments. Familiarise yourself with your assignments and when they’re due.
5. Add to your Profile so that teachers and other students can quickly identify you in course discussions.
6. Download the Canvas Student app for mobile devices and allow notifications. This is important as teachers may communicate room changes to you through Canvas announcements.

User guides

The Canvas Community has a wealth of knowledge. Including guides, and forums where you can ask people for help. Should you have any questions, here is a good place to search your query. Because there’s a very good chance someone else has asked that same question before.

Help and Support

If you need access to Canvas or are having technical issues please contact the Service and Support Centre. Just click Canvas / Rewire Request listed under the Systems, Hardware and Software heading.

If you require assistance using Canvas you can find a help option within Canvas on the bottom left of the global navigation. From here you can access the Canvas Chat or call the student hotline on +61 1800 910 175 and staff hotline on +61 1800 861 359. These are both available to use 24/7.

Can't see your course?

Some courses are still being prepared for Canvas, so if you can't see yours when you sign in - don't worry! - they should be there soon.

If you've any further questions, contact your teacher/course coordinator.