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Can't see your course in Canvas? Courses should appear in Canvas seven days before the official course start date. If your course has already started, it will appear in Canvas 24 hours after you add it in Enrolment Online. If you have further questions, contact your Course Coordinator.

What is Canvas?

Canvas is RMIT's online Learning Management System (LMS), where you can find all of your course announcements and content, including class notes and resources. On Canvas you can also listen to lectures, take online assessments tasks, view and submit assignments, and receive your grades and feedback.

Get set up on Canvas

If you’re a new student, there are some simple things you should do to get set up on Canvas.
View the video above to learn how to log in to and navigate Canvas.

Canvas notifications are email or text message alerts sent from your Canvas portal. They can help you keep track of updates or activity from each of your courses, for example, due dates, announcements and grades.

Your notification preferences will determine:

  • what Canvas notifies you about 
  • when it will notify you and how often 
  • how Canvas updates you – via email or text message (on selected notifications) or both. 

It’s important you understand how to manage Canvas notifications to ensure you receive important messages quickly, while limiting others to avoid being inundated. 

How to set up your notification settings

The table below shows the types of Canvas notifications that exist, and how RMIT recommends you set up your notification preferences.

Change your notification preferences by logging in to Canvas then, in the left-hand navigation menu, click Account > Settings > Notifications.

Find out more

Please note: these settings apply to all your courses. If you would like to set your notifications for individual courses, you can find out how by watching this short Canvas video.

Update your notification settings to the following

Course activities   Email notification Text notification
Due Date Due date changes for assignments and quizzes Immediately    No
Grading Policies Changes made to assignment weighting, points, grading scheme, grading status   Send weekly No
Course Content Changes made to pages, assignments or quiz content Send daily or send weekly No
Files Files are added to a course Send weekly or do not notify No
Announcement When a new announcement in your course is created Immediately Yes
Announcement created by you There is a reply to your announcements Send daily or weekly No
Grading Grade changes in the course. Including entering or changing a submission grade and posting assignment grades Immediately Yes
Invitations Invitations to web conferences, collaborations, groups, peer reviews, and peer review reminders Send daily or weekly No
Submission Comment Assignment submission content Send daily No
Discussion New discussion topic thread is created Send daily or weekly No
Discussion Post Activity in a discussion thread you are subscribed to (new posts or comments Immediately No
Conversations (internal email system for Canvas – Canvas emails are automatically sent to your RMIT email)    
Added to Conversation You are added to a conversation Send weekly or do not notify No
Conversation Message New Canvas inbox message Send weekly or do not notify No
Conversations Created By Me You create an internal Canvas email Do not notify No
Appointment Signups A new appointment is created in your calendar Send daily or Send weekly No
Appointment Cancellations Appointments are cancelled Send daily or Send weekly No
Appointment Availability Applies to changes to appointment time slots Send daily or Send weekly No
Calendar New Calendar events are created or changed Send daily or Send weekly No
Recording Ready A conference recording is ready If used send daily No
Global Announcements Institution-wide announcements. (also displayed on dashboard) Immediately No


Can I change my notification settings from the recommended settings? 

Yes, you can change your notification settings if you want to.

It is each student’s responsibility to ensure the settings are appropriate for their courses.

If you can’t see your course on your Canvas dashboard, then click on Courses in the navigation panel to the left of your dashboard. Scroll down and select All courses at the bottom. If your missing course is in the All courses list, click on the star symbol next to it to make it appear on the dashboard. 

If you still can’t see your course this might be because it's still being prepared. Your teachers have been working hard to get your course content ready. It’s a big process, so we’re being careful to make sure we get it right, but rest assured they’ll be up there soon.

If you have any concerns about your course not being on Canvas, then please contact your teacher/course coordinator.

If you need technical support, the details (including 24/7 live chat) are available in the navigation bar on your Canvas dashboard.

Add to your Profile so that teachers and other students can quickly identify you in course discussions.

Find each of your courses assignments by going to your Canvas Dashboard, click on a course, then select Assignments. Familiarise yourself with your assignments and when they’re due.

Please note: Normally, you can submit your assignment an unlimited number of times up to the due date (there will be a 24-hour delay if you resubmit more than three times). However, your instructor may choose to limit the number of times you can submit an assignment. Limiting the number of submissions applies to all students assigned to the assignment.

Download the Canvas Student app for mobile devices and allow notifications. This is important as teachers may communicate room changes to you through Canvas announcements.

Academic integrity

Know how to reference sources and correctly prepare assessments.

Canvas user guides

The Canvas Community has guides, answers to common questions and forums where you can ask people for help.

Contacts and help

If you are having technical issues accessing Canvas, try resetting your password or contact the IT Service and Support Centre.

If you require assistance using Canvas, you can find a help option within Canvas on the bottom left of the global navigation. From here you can access the Canvas Chat or call the student hotline on +61 1800 910 175 and staff hotline on +61 1800 861 359. These are both available 24/7.