Leave of Absence is usually approved for one semester at a time. If further leave of absence is required, you may apply with additional up-to-date evidence.

Leave of Absence or reduced study load applications should include a personal statement detailing the reasons for the application and your plans during the leave period, for example, whether you will return to your home country or remain in Australia.

All evidence relating to applications for leave of absence or reduced study load must be originals or certified copies and be in English or have a certified English translation.

Reasons that may not be approved

Reasons  leave of absence / reduced study load may not be approved include but are not limited to:

  • financial hardship
  • program not what expected
  • work commitment
  • travelling overseas
  • minor medical illness or condition.

Reasons that may be approved

Compassionate or compelling circumstances are:

  1. outside of your control
  2. impact on your ability to study, and
  3. are documented by evidence.

Compassionate and compelling circumstances that may require you to take a Leave of Absence or Reduced Enrolment Load include, but are not limited to:

Illness or injury

If you are ill, you must supply a medical certificate which must:

  1. be from the registered health practitioner who is treating your condition, and
  2. include the dates of consultation, the medical condition, impact of the condition on your ability to study, recommendation for a reduced study load or break from study, and treatment plan.

If you have a close family member who is ill, you must supply evidence of your relationship to them (eg. birth certificate(s), passport, family record book, etc.) as well as evidence of the illness from a Doctor or hospital.

Bereavement of close family members

Evidence required: death certificate and evidence of relationship.

Permanent or temporary disability

Evidence required: letter from RMIT Disability Liaison Unit recommending a reduced study load or a break from study.

Incident or issue causing distress to student

Incident or issue causing distress to student impacting on their capacity for study (eg. political upheaval in home country, natural disaster in home country, involvement in a serious accident, witnessing or being the victim of a serious crime or critical incident).

Evidence required (as appropriate): media reports of civil war/significant political unrest or natural disaster plus evidence of student’s residency in the specific affected area; police report; letter from psychologist that includes the dates of consultation, the outcome of the assessment, the impact on the student's ability to study, the recommendation for a reduced study load or break from study, and treatment plan.

RMIT University unable to offer a full-time load of courses

RMIT University unable to offer a full time load of courses (reduced load) or any courses (leave of absence) in a semester due to failure of occasional courses, RPL/credit or unavailability of required courses due to program structure.

Evidence required: program plan from School.

Delay in receiving a student visa requiring student to travel offshore

Evidence required: correspondence from the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP)

Unforeseen delays to research project (for Masters by Research and PhD students only)

Evidence required: email/letter from supervisor outlining situation that was outside student’s control.

Military Service obligations

Leave of absence can only be approved for up to four semesters. If your military service exceeds this period, you may consider cancelling your program and re-applying for your program when you are ready to return to study.

Evidence required: Correspondence from military organisation

Student is undertaking an RMIT RIIERP experience

Leave of absence cannot be approved for the purpose of undertaking RIIERP. You may be eligible to apply to your School for a reduced study load instead. Reduced study load can only be granted for one semester for the purpose of undertaking RIIERP.

Evidence required: enrolment in the RIIERP course.

Other circumstances

Evidence required: any relevant certified document attesting that the situation is outside student’s control and affects their ability to study.