Studying at uni can bring a lot of expenditures. To prepare you for this challenge, we've put together some information to help you on your way.
In Expenses, we give you a summary of the possible expenses you could encounter if you decide to set up home and live in Melbourne.
We also have tips on how you can save money by budgeting, using your concessions and shopping smartly!
We even give you some advice on how to avoid or reduce debt.

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Do you need an income to help pay for your studies or do you just want a bit more spending money?

See if you are eligible for financial assistance from Centrelink and what options you have.

Or find out how you can get a tax file number (TFN) and start a job!

Financial assistance

If you need financial assistance due to unforeseen circumstances, maybe you can apply for RMIT's Student Loan Fund to help you out of a pickle.
Are you suffering from temporary financial hardship?