RMIT researcher heads to US in battle against nukes

21 Feb 18

How the world can avoid nuclear doomsday while our weapons are getting more deadly will be the focus of 2018 Fulbright Scholarship winner Dr Aiden Warren.

Spare parts from small parts: novel scaffolds to grow muscle

21 Feb 18

RMIT biomedical engineers have successfully produced a 3D material that mimics nature to transform cells into muscle.

3D printed clip-on turns smartphone into fully operational microscope

20 Feb 18

Researchers have developed a 3D printable “clip-on” that allows anyone – from scientists to the scientifically curious – to turn their smartphone into a fully functional microscope.

Breaking through: research in the real world

16 Feb 18

How do we get new technology out of the lab into the community, and pull new knowledge out of academic papers and into policy?