Leave of absence is usually offered for either six months or one year. In most cases you can apply for leave of absence if you have enrolled in a program at RMIT (i.e. you are a continuing student).

If you are a new student who has not yet enrolled in courses, you can defer your place before you start rather than take a leave of absence.

How to apply

Most students (excluding research students, VCE students, RMIT Vietnam students, and students at partners outside Australia) can apply for a leave of absence by following these steps:

  • Log in to Enrolment Online.
  • Go to My student record.
  • Select Apply for leave of absence.
  • Follow the screen prompts to select your leave period.
  • Upload supporting documents, if necessary.
  • Submit your application online.

You can track the status of your application via Enrolment Online - go to My student record and select Track my application.

The outcome of your application or a request for more information will be sent to your RMIT student email account.

Paper-based application for leave of absence

If you are a research student or studying at a partner outside Australia you must apply by completing an Application for leave of absence form (PDF 141kb 3p) (also available at RMIT Connect).

You must gain approval from the RMIT school that administers your program before the enrolment deadline.

If you have not yet enrolled for the current academic year you can apply for leave of absence without enrolling before the end of the enrolment period

If you have enrolled for the academic year then your deadline for confirming an approved leave of absence is the census date.

If you do not apply for a leave of absence before the relevant census date you will have to pay all fees.

If you are a higher education student then to avoid academic penalties, you must also apply for leave before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty.

If you do not enrol in classes or apply for leave of absence before the deadline you will lose your place in your program. If you then wish to continue with your studies you need to apply for late enrolment (a late enrolment fee applies). This applies if you are enrolling into a new academic year and if you are due to return from leave of absence.

International students

You can only apply for leave of absence in compassionate or compelling circumstances. Please speak to staff at Info Corner if you need more information. You must also contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) before you apply, to confirm how taking leave of absence affects your visa status.

While on leave, stay connected

The University may need to contact you during your leave with important information.

You must continue to check your RMIT student email account and update your personal details if necessary.

While on leave of absence you can retain your student card.

Returning from leave

Once your leave of absence period ends you must enrol for your next semester of study by the relevant enrolment deadline or you may lose your place in your program. You will be advised by email of the enrolment process before the enrolment period for that semester.

More information

If you are considering leave of absence you are advised to consult with your program coordinator.