Update about late Leave of Absence for higher education and Associate Degree students: If you wish to take a late Leave of Absence prior to the extended academic penalty date, contact your College for assistance prior to 15 October 2021 via RMIT Student Connect.
In most cases you can apply for a leave of absence if you're enrolled in a program at RMIT. ​If you're a new student who hasn't yet enrolled, you need to defer your place rather than take a leave of absence.​
International students: If you're on a student visa, you can apply for a leave of absence if compassionate or compelling circumstances apply. These may include circumstances related to COVID-19.

How to apply

Apply for a leave of absence before your census date to avoid paying fees. ​

​If you're a higher education student, you must also apply before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty. ​

Most students* can apply for a leave of absence by following these steps: ​

  1. Log in to Enrolment Online
  2. Go to My student record.​
  3. Select Apply for leave of absence.
  4. Follow the screen prompts to select your leave period.
  5. Upload supporting documents, if necessary.
  6. Submit your application. ​
  7. Track the status of your application via Enrolment Online > My student record > ​Track my application. ​

​The outcome of your application or a request for more information will be sent to your RMIT student email account. ​

Changed your mind and want to cancel your leave of absence application? Find out how.

*Except for research students, VCE students, students at RMIT Vietnam and students at partner institutes outside Australia. 

Research students

Research students must apply by completing a Leave of Absence Form available on the HDR Forms webpage. You need to get approval from your School before the enrolment deadline.​

Students at partners outside Australia

Students studying at partner institutions, visit Leave of absence for students in partner institutions page for information on how to apply and to download the application form.

Stay connected

We might need to contact you during your leave with important information. ​​Continue to check your RMIT student email account and, if needed, update your personal details.

Returning from leave

Once your leave of absence period ends, you'll need to enrol in the next study semester by the enrolment deadline. If you don't, you may lose your place in your program.

We'll email you ahead of the enrolment period to explain the enrolment process and deadline.

Cancel/withdraw your leave of absence request

If you change your mind and want to cancel your leave of absence request after you've submitted it, you must request for it to be cancelled before your census date.

If you have missed classes while on leave of absence, you will need to catch up on the course material covered. For this reason, we advise that you talk to your course and/or program coordinator and consider your personal circumstances before you cancel your leave of absence request.

  1. Go to Enrolment Online and login using your student number and password
  2. From the list, select ‘track my requests’
  3. In the column called ‘status’, click ‘assessment required’
  4. Click ‘retract’ in the bottom right-hand corner
  5. When you return to the main screen, the information in the ‘status’ column will change to ‘retracted by student’.
  6. You can recommence your studies straight away – you don’t need to wait for confirmation that your leave of absence has been withdrawn.
  1. Go to the RMIT Connect Portal and login as an RMIT student using your student number and password
  2. From the list on the left, select ‘enrolment’
  3. If it hasn’t automatically been filled out for you, add your name and student number
  4. In the ‘question’ field, select ‘change my enrolment’ from the dropdown menu
  5. In the ‘description of enquiry’ field, write ‘reverse my leave of absence request’. RMIT will assess your request and advise you of the outcome. 

Note: If your leave of absence has already been approved, your request to cancel your leave of absence is not guaranteed. Approval will depend on a number of factors including: 

  • when you applied for the leave of absence 
  • when your leave of absence was approved
  • when you submit the request to cancel your leave of absence 
  • if you had been engaging in classes, assessments, etc. prior to the leave of absence being approved 
  • whether the last day to enrol has already passed.


More information

If you're considering a leave of absence, we recommend that you speak to your program coordinator for advice. ​

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Know your census date

This is your major deadline for fees, loans, enrolment and leave of absence.
Find your census dates in Enrolment Online.