If you need a break from your studies, you can apply for a leave of absence (LOA) for one or more terms, up to one year per application.

If you’re studying at SIM, you can apply for a leave of absence through SIMConnect. For all other partners, follow the below steps to apply for a leave of absence.

How to apply

Download the Application for leave of absence form. Read the instructions, complete the required fields, and submit the form to your local partner contact.

Note: The form is a writeable PDF meaning you can complete it without needing to print the form. You can digitally sign the form using the Digital ID in the Adobe Reader application.

If you aren’t able to digitally sign the form, you can also email it to your local partner contact from your RMIT student email account and provide your consent to process.

You’ll receive an outcome by email within 2–5 days from receipt of your application.

When to apply

You can apply for leave of absence at any point during the term but there may be financial or academic penalties if you submit your request after the relevant census date.

Check your Important dates or speak with your local partner contact if you need more information about when to apply. 


While you’re on leave

Once your leave has been approved, you are:

  • entitled to use your RMIT student email account
  • entitled to apply for credit
  • entitled to use academic and student support services
  • responsible for checking your RMIT student email account
  • responsible for maintaining up-to-date contact details on your student record
  • responsible for re-enrolling by the relevant dates.