Make changes to your enrolment

After you enrol you may continue to add or drop courses until the ‘last day to add’ or ‘last day to drop’.

If you are an international student you must ensure any enrolment changes are not in breach of your general student visa conditions.

You can use the Add or Drop function in Enrolment Online until the relevant cut-off date for adding and/or dropping courses in each semester.

Add/drop dates

Important dates has details of the standard cut-off dates to add/drop courses without financial or academic penalty. Note: it is your responsibility to check the census dates for all classes. If you choose to drop a class after the relevant census date, you will remain liable for all fees.

Under normal circumstances, you are not permitted to add classes after the last day to add, although you may request permission to do so in special circumstances. 

Examples of why you may need to request permission to enrol after the last day to add:

  • if you have been attending classes but you have not yet finalised your enrolment or you have incorrectly enrolled
  • if you are a commencing international student arriving just after the last day to add
  • if you received an offer of admission just before or just after the last day to add.

You can request permission in Enrolment Online. Use the Add function to select the relevant class/es and then apply for permission to add them. 

If your application is approved, the classes will be added to your enrolment.

You will receive a confirmation email sent to your RMIT student email account, and you will be issued with an updated Confirmation of Enrolment statement and tax invoice. If your application is denied, you will be advised by your RMIT school.

Please be aware that if you apply to enrol in a class on or close to the census date and your application is approved, your tuition fees may be due immediately. You are responsible for checking the due date on your tax invoice.

Please note that late enrolment into a course or program is not grounds for special consideration.

Where a school accepts your late enrolment into a course/program, the school is to make arrangements for you to catch up on any missed work. Please contact your course/program coordinator for assistance if needed.


If you completed a paper-based enrolment you can make changes using an Enrolment variation form (PDF 133kb 2p), up until the relevant cut off date for adding and/or dropping courses in each semester.


Cancel your enrolment

If you want to withdraw completely from your studies then you must cancel your program enrolment.

We recommend that you seek academic advice before you proceed. If you are experiencing difficulties the University offers a range of support services. You may also wish to consider taking a break from study rather than cancelling completely.

Before you cancel please ensure you read and understand the following:

  • Financial liability – if you do not officially cancel your program enrolment by the relevant census date you will remain liable for all fees, even if you are no longer attending classes. This includes tuition, SSAF and administrative fees. If you have a HELP loan, e.g. HECS-HELP or FEE-HELP, or a VET Student Loan, you will still have to pay your fees if you cancel your program after the relevant census date.
  • Academic penalty –if you are a higher education student, you may be subject to academic penalties, e.g. fail grades. To avoid academic penalties, you must cancel your program before the last day to withdraw without academic penalty.
  • Sponsored and scholarship students – you must contact your sponsor or scholarship provider and advise them of your cancellation. You may be liable to repay any payments made to you.
  • Apprentices and trainees – you should contact RMIT Connect, or your RMIT school if you are a College of Design and Social Context student, before cancelling your program if you have a current training agreement.
  • Research candidates – you should discuss options with your supervisor/s and/or HDR coordinator before cancelling your program. You should also read about variations to your candidature, including readmission advice.
  • Students studying at partner institutions – cancelling your program may affect your visa. You must contact your local partner institution for visa information before cancelling your program.
  • Access to RMIT systems – you will lose access to all RMIT systems immediately after you cancel your program unless you are enrolled in another program. Please take the time to save or print any important documents in Enrolment Online such as invoices, Confirmations of Enrolment and Commonwealth Assistance Notices for future reference.

International students

  • Student visa impact – Cancelling your program will affect your student visa. You must contact the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) for visa information before cancelling your program.
  • Change your program – if you would like to change your enrolment to another program, do not cancel your program enrolment. Instead, complete the form for changing to another program.
  • Leaving to study elsewhere in Australia? - if you have not yet completed six months of study in your principal program but you wish to study at another education provider, you must apply for a release letter before cancelling your program. Apply online for a release letter.
  • Financial penalties – If you are a commencing international student and have enrolled in the first semester of a program, financial penalties may apply for cancelling your enrolment before or after the census date. Refer to Refunds for international students.

Follow these steps to cancel your program online using Enrolment Online:

  • Log in to Enrolment Online.
  • Go to My student record.
  • Select Cancel program and follow the prompts.

Note: you cannot cancel your program online if you are:

  • an OUA student (unless you have a VET FEE-HELP loan or you are enrolled in an OUA Commonwealth Supported Place)
  • studying at RMIT Vietnam
  • an international onshore student under the age of 18.

Instead, you should follow these steps to cancel your program:

  • Contact RMIT Connect to obtain the hard-copy program cancellation form.
  • Lodge the form at RMIT Connect before the relevant census date.
  • Retain a stamped copy of your form as proof of submission.

If you cannot lodge the form by the census date, please contact RMIT Connect to discuss your options.