When to enrol

At the end of each year, you need to enrol in classes or take an approved leave of absence each year during the enrolment period.

If you owe a debt to the University, you’ll need to pay this before you can enrol. Find out about your fees and payment options.

If you miss the enrolment deadline, you can apply for late enrolment. If you don't enrol,  you risk losing your place in your program.

Enrolling in a new program?

If you’re enrolling into the next level of your program, e.g. from a degree into a postgraduate program, you need to enrol as a new student. Follow the steps in your enrolment guide.

Need help?

  • If you have technical problems with Enrolment Online or password queries, contact IT Help and Support.
  • For academic advice and information about your program and courses, contact your College through RMIT Connect.
  • For questions about how to enrol, contact RMIT Connect.