Accommodation options

Purpose-built student accommodation

Purpose-built student accommodation caters to the need of the student and is typically located close to universities.

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A homestay is a local family, couple or single person offering full board in their home. A great way to adjust to life in Melbourne.


A hostel is a house where multiple students live and usually share communal spaces. They provide meals, a range of room types and are located close to RMIT City campus.



Your caregiver is the individual who will support you during your time as an under-18 international student.

Visa requirements



RMIT Curfew

While you are under-18 and under the RMIT CAAW letter, you must return to your approved accommodation each night by 10pm. Students in hostel and PBSA accommodation are required to sign the curfew register.

The accommodation provider will contact RMIT & the caregiver if you do not return home by 10pm.

Approval must be sought from RMIT for late or absent cufew exemptions within a reasonable timeframe.