As a student under 18, we are committed to your safety and wellbeing. Find the support you need to have the best possible experience at RMIT.

Settle in at RMIT

Welcome to RMIT. We hope this exciting chapter in your life is full of new experiences, friends and learning opportunities. We want you to know that RMIT offers an environment where you can grow, develop your skills and prepare for your future. 

RMIT is a child safe organisation, which means staff are responsible for ensuring that anyone who is under 18 on campus is safe, happy and protected. 

The information on this page is dedicated to providing you with information about being an under 18-student at RMIT. This isAll students have the right to feel welcome and included at university an exciting time. We want you to get involved in campus life and know where to find help if you need it.  for you, so we want to ensure that you have all the resources you need to have the best possible university experience.

RMIT is a child safe organisation, . Thiswhich means that RMIT staff are trained up on the processes and rules to make sure that anyone who is under 18 on campus is safe and feels supported, happy and protected[EC1] . If you’re ever worried, check out our wellbeing information below so you know who you can reach out to.

For further information about RMIT’sRead our commitment to Child child safety

 [EC1]Is the correct phrasing and not overstating the training at present?

Perhaps: “which means staff are responsible for ensuring that anyone who is under 18 on campus is safe, happy and protected.”

Or: “which means we have an additional duty of care to ensure that anyone who is under 18…”

RMIT essentials

Find services and resources to help you make the most of RMIT. 

International students under 18

If you’re an international student under 18, you need to meet accommodation and welfare requirements as part of your visa. Make sure you know about your rights and responsibilities, as well as support services available to you.

Look after your wellbeing

Studying at university comes with unique experiences and challenges that can impact your wellbeing. We encourage you to ask for help when you need it. RMIT will support you with any problem you’re facing, whether it’s related to university or your life away from campus. 


RMIT’s free, professional counselling service provides support for personal issues, study concerns and mental health. You do not need to be in crisis to make an appointment.

For urgent, after-hours support, call 1300 305 737 or text 0488 884 162.

Medical Hub @ RMIT

Conveniently located at the City campus, Medical Hub @ RMIT offers high-quality, holistic medical care to the RMIT community. 

Physicians and staff provide a safe and inclusive environment for people of all backgrounds, cultures, beliefs, abilities and sexualities.

Security on campus

RMIT Security is available 24 hours a day. If you need assistance, let RMIT Security know you’re under 18 so they can follow processes to keep you safe. 

Download the SafeZone app to easily connect to RMIT Security, first aid, or emergency support.

Safer Community 

If you or someone you know has experienced sexual harm, unwanted or threatening behaviour, Safer Community can help.

You can talk to Safer Community about your concerns and options – even if the behaviour happened off campus.

Student Voice

Join the Student Voice Network and have your say on how the university is run, how your education is shaped and much more about life at RMIT. 

There are many ways you can impact the student experience at RMIT. Here are a few options for making your voice heard: