COVID-19 update

The health and safety of the RMIT research community is our absolute priority. 

To minimise the risk to research candidates, RMIT is not currently in a position to approve overseas travel.

If you wish to apply for domestic travel funding, you are still able to be considered for the Research Travel Grant. 

Value and duration

HDR candidates are able to receive up to $2000 during their candidature. This funding can be awarded as either:

  • one travel grant, up to $2000 for a conference or research-related activity OR data collection, including conducting interviews in a field location
  • two travel grants, up to $1000 each for a conference or research-related activity.

Eligibility and selection criteria

To be eligible to apply for, and receive, an HDR Travel Grant you must:

  • be currently enrolled in an RMIT Higher Degrees by Research (HDR) program;
  • have received a successful outcome for your Confirmation of Candidature*;
  • have successfully completed your most recent milestone;
  • not be currently in receipt of 'action and support'; and
  • not have submitted for examination.
  • must be travelling to engage in research related activity - this includes presenting at a conference; data collection, including conducting interviews in a field location; travel to utilise equipment or resources not available at RMIT University; or access specialist archives, museums, libraries and galleries.

You must ensure you have permission from your senior supervisor to undertake research-related travel prior to submitting your application. If approved for a research travel grant, your travel must take place after receiving approval.

If applying to present at a conference, evidence of acceptance of your peer-reviewed conference papers, abstracts or posters must be submitted prior to your specified travel date.

Prior to travel dates, you are expected to:

  • not have any overdue milestones*
  • not be on a leave of absence.

* Please note that review and approval of your milestone presentations can take up to four to six weeks (no special consideration will be available for candidates who have applied for travel grants within the milestone approval process). You are responsible for checking your milestone status in myRMIT and following up with your HDR administrator regarding any milestones that are reflecting as overdue.

Additional requirements (if presenting at a conference):

If applying to conduct research-related activities or fieldwork you must provide details of the research activities that will be pursued during this fieldwork. It must be relevant to your research but does not have to lead directly to a research output such as a publication or conference paper.

You will be considered ineligible for the HDRTG if:

  • you do not meet the criteria listed above
  • you submit a late or incomplete application
  • your application is deemed high risk of breaching Australian and/or International law
  • you have JRE Cadetship funding available to you.

Closing dates

HDR Travel Grant applications are assessed on a monthly basis and close on the last day of each month.

It normally takes 4 weeks from each closing date for applications to be assessed and outcomes to be issued. We recommend that applications be submitted at least three months prior to travel to allow for these assessment timelines.

Terms and conditions

Successful recipients of the HDRTG must travel in accordance with RMIT Travel Policy.

If awarded this grant, you must:

  • lodge your travel arrangements through your home school, via the RMIT Travel Portal
  • ensure any travel bookings are made through the RMIT preferred travel supplier, CT Connections
  • seek advice from RMIT International Compliance prior to undertaking any research-related travel, if you are an international student
  • ensure you comply with Australian sanctions and the laws of the jurisdiction you are travelling to
  • maintain regular contact with your supervisor while travelling
  • submit a request in writing to your supervisor and School HDR administrator (copying in SGR at if you wish to amend details of your approved travel.
  • notify your supervisor and School HDR administrator (copying in SGR at immediately if you can no longer undertake your approved travel.

Candidates who make travel plans outside of the terms and conditions cannot seek reimbursement from this travel grant.

How to apply

  1. Seek written permission from your senior supervisor to undertake research related travel.
  2. Submit the online application form (login required).
  3. Upload written approval from your senior supervisor.
  4. If you have been accepted to present at a conference, upload a copy of the official written acceptance of your abstract, poster or paper from the conference or workshop organisers, including evidence of peer review. If evidence of peer review is not clear, please request this from the conference organiser.
  5. Applications can still be lodged prior to you gaining acceptance, however failure to send documented evidence of acceptance prior to your specified travel date will make your application ineligible for HDRTG funding.

Further information

Successful candidates will not be paid directly for the HDRTG. The School of Graduate Research will transfer approved funding to your home school, for use against your travel booking.

Submission of an application does not guarantee funding. If money provided by this grant does not cover the full cost of travel, you are encouraged to apply for additional funding support (e.g. enrolling school or conference organisers) where possible.

Travel to countries or regions where a Department of Foreign Affairs (DFAT) warning displays the following: ‘Reconsider your need to travel’ or ‘Do Not Travel’ will only be considered in exceptional circumstances and all applications that fall into this category will require prior approval from the Dean, School of Graduate Research, regardless of whether the country you are travelling to is your home country.

You should also be aware of any Australian sanctions laws applicable to the country or region you are travelling to. Contravention of sanctions laws carries significant penalties. Please see the DFAT website for further guidance.

The HDR Travel Grant cannot be transferred to another university.


SGR Scholarships team 

Phone: +61 3 9925 5570

Please include 'Research Travel Grant' in the email subject.