How do I register?

There are three steps to register:

  1. Complete the registration form, found on our forms page
  2. Take the form to your health professional so they can complete the relevant section
  3. Make an appointment to meet one of our Equitable Adjustment Advisors, our trained staff who will work with you to make your individual learning plan.

Note: if you are a student from Singapore, please also fill out the Singapore Student Background Information Form (DOCX) and email your application to the address provided on this form.

The ELS team have been super helpful in putting together my Equitable Learning Plan, sharing it with the relevant teachers and departments, and continually assisting me during assignments, exams, and my honours thesis to ensure that I can do my best.

Michelle Gissara | Bachelor of Criminology and Psychology, graduated with Distinction mid-2020, and Bachelor of Justice and Criminology (Honours), will graduate mid-2021.

Should I register?

Telling us about your situation is an important decision. Here are some questions students ask when deciding whether to register with us. You can also have a look at what we can do for you if you register with us.

Should I tell RMIT?

You only need to tell us about your situation if it will impact your study experience at RMIT and you need assistance from us. If you need our support, please let us know as soon possible.

What information do I need to provide?

Talk to us about how your disability impacts your ability to take part in your studies. You will need to provide supporting documentation from your registered health practitioner.

What happens after I register?

After you tell us about your situation and you register with us, we will work with you to reduce the effect your disability has on your studies.

What are my rights?

When you tell us about your disability, long-term illness and/or mental health condition, you have the right to:

  • only disclose to Equitable Learning Services to organise appropriate assistance, without having to disclose your disability to teaching staff
  • have your personal information treated confidentially and respectfully

What are my responsibilities?

You are responsible for:

  • advising staff in a timely manner of your needs in relation to your disability
  • understanding the requirements of the program or course that you are undertaking. This may include being aware of the inherent requirements for registering with a relevant professional body

Where do I get more information about disclosure?

If you want to know more about disclosing your disability, visit:


After you register

After you have met with an Equitable Adjustment Advisor and you have registered with our service, we will:

  • email your Equitable Learning Plan (the document we discussed at your appointment) to you.
  • email your Equitable Learning Plan to your school.
  • ensure that any assistance required with exams (Equitable Assessment Arrangements) is communicated to the Exams, Awards and Graduations area.

You will have to:

  • read your Equitable Learning Plan, and get to know it well
  • email your Equitable Learning Plan to new teaching staff throughout the academic year. Remember to do this in second semester too.
  • ensure that your Equitable Learning Plan is working. If you are concerned about how your Equitable Learning Plan is being implemented, speak to your teaching staff first. If your Equitable Learning Plan isn’t being followed, contact us immediately

If you require Enabling Assistance (e.g. a notetaker or Auslan interpreter), complete the Exam and Test Enabling Staff booking form (DOCX) and email the form to the address provided at least five working days before assistance is required. If you need to cancel the assistance at any time, please refer to the Enabling Assistance Student Handbook (DOCX).


Your privacy

When you register with us, you will be asked to complete a confidentiality form.  This allows us to share relevant information about the impact of your disability to other relevant staff at RMIT.  We will not disclose your disability unless you have given permission.

All staff at RMIT must treat your personal information confidentially and respectfully.

RMIT staff are subject to the Information Privacy Act 2000 and the Health Records Act 2001.