Before arriving at RMIT

Before you arrive here’s some information to help you get a great start at RMIT and learn more about living in Melbourne.

Mates at RMIT

Making connections is essential when you move to a new country. Before you leave your home country, the Mates at RMIT program can link you to a current student known as a Mentor who will be able to answer your questions about Melbourne and RMIT.

Mentors will invite you to activities specifically organised for new students so that you can meet others and be part of the community. Check out our Facebook page to find out more.

Organise your money

Our finance section has the information you need when it comes to money, find out:

  • about the costs of setting up home and living expenses
  • what you need to start a job, and
  • how you can save money.


We know that finding your accommodation will be your top priority once you move to Melbourne. We recommend that you organise temporary accommodation first to allow yourself the chance to become familiar with your new surroundings and find the most suitable long-term accommodation.

Find more info to help you settle into RMIT and Melbourne in our:

During RMIT

There are a number of services and opportunities available to help you make the most of your time at RMIT. We provide free and confidential advice on a range of issues that may affect you during your studies.

International student support

RMIT Connect offers practical help, advice and support to all current students. If you need some help settling into studying at RMIT and living in Melbourne make an appointment with RMIT Connect and talk to a Student Support Advisor.

Emergency assistance

If you are in an emergency or crisis situation we are here to help you. Do not hesitate to contact RMIT Connect and talk to Student Support Advisor for support and practical assistance or see our counselling service.

Students Group

The Students Group offers free support and resources to students on every campus. Services focus on improving your academic and career success, including opportunities to build your English and communication skills while you study and assistance with personal issues that could affect your grades.

Study Support

RMIT offers many free programs to help you transition to the Australian academic environment. You can brush up on your English and study skills by dropping in to the Study and Learning Centre, learn from other students through mentoring and Student Learning Assistant programs or attend workshops specifically designed for international students.

Useful website:

MELD Magazine 
News, lifestyle and entertainment for Melbourne's international student community.

Government websites

Study Melbourne 
For international students moving to, and already living in, Victoria. Help and advice on where you can access support, information and welfare services.

City of Melbourne 
What’s on in Melbourne for international students.

After RMIT

Before you complete your studies there are a number of things you should consider.

Moving out

When moving out of your accommodation it is important to plan your departure date in accordance to your lease. For advice on giving notice, finalising utilities and recovering your bond visit our accommodation section.


If you are leaving Australia permanently you should finalise your finances by doing the following:

  • Pay any outstanding bills.
  • Ask your employer for a payment summary, so you can complete a tax return.
  • Once you have left Australia you can reclaim superannuation money that your employer has contributed to a superannuation fund on your behalf. Complete the superannuation provider’s form to withdraw your funds if you are leaving Australia; most companies will have these forms available online.
  • Keep your bank account open until you have received your bond refund, tax return or superannuation payment.
  • Cancel any direct debits and close your Australian bank account and credit card.

For more information or assistance ask to speak with a Student Support Advisor at RMIT Connect.

RMIT Alumni

Stay connected to the University via your alumni community and access a whole range of special alumni events, including free career development workshops, seminars with industry leaders, exhibitions, networking opportunities and social events.

Work and Careers

If you are looking for work or starting a career visit our work and careers section for tips and resources on finding and applying for jobs. Graduating students can sign up for a Career Health Check and receive interview coaching and career planning.