Coursework scholarships

Scholarships for certificate IV, diploma and associate, bachelor and postgraduate by coursework students.



Who can

Opening date

Closing date

Arcadia Landscape Architecture Scholarship in Landscape Architecture Design For Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander student commencing a Bachelor of Landscape Architecture Design $5000 UGRD Now open 2 February 2020
Australian Government OS-HELP Loan Scheme A loan for students with a Commonwealth supported place undertaking an exchange program, added to your HECS-HELP debt up to $8149 UGRD
Now open See page for more information
AVEPA Scholarships for Australian students of Vietnamese origin For Australian students with a Vietnamese background commencing an undergraduate program in 2020 $5000 UGRD Now open 24 January 2020
Cultural Visions Film Grant For students who wish to make a documentary or short film exploring cultural dynamics within Australia $3000 VE
Now open 9 March 2020
David Hay Supply Chain and Logistics Scholarship For students enrolled in supply chain and logistics programs $5000 VE
Now open 7 February 2020
Elite Athletes Scholarship For students who are elite athletes $10,000 VE
Now open 15 March 2020
Emily McPherson EMBA Scholarship For students commencing the EMBA Half tuition fees PGRD Now open 23 February 2020
Executive MBA and MBA Indigenous Scholarship For Indigenous students commencing the EMBA or MBA Tuition fees PGRD Now open 9 February 2020
Juris Doctor Indigenous Scholarship For Indigenous students commencing the Juris Doctor Tuition fees PGRD Now open 9 February 2020
Mondo Women in Geospatial Sciences Scholarship For female geospatial science and surveying students $8000 UGRD Now open 27 January 2020
National Naval Shipbuilding Scholarship For students enrolling in their third year of Electrical, Mechanical, Telecommunications or Electrical and Electronic Engineering Tuition fees + paid work + $2000 UGRD Now open 20 January 2020
RMIT Student Mobility Grants For students undertaking an outbound mobility activity as part of their RMIT program $1000 VE
Now open No application required
RMIT Welcome Scholarship For people seeking asylum enrolling in a vocational or undergraduate program Tuition fees + $5000 VE
Now open 16 December 2019
Storey Scholarship For students going on exchange who are involved in community service activities $10,000 UGRD
Now open 15 May 2020
Westpac Young Technologists Scholarship For students commencing a technology related degree who demonstrate academic achievement $5000 UGRD Now open 10 January 2020

* Who can apply:

  • UGRD = associate and bachelor degree programs
  • PGRD = postgraduate by coursework (graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters by coursework, and juris doctor) programs
  • RSCH = research (masters and PhD) programs
  • VE = certificate IV, diploma and advanced diploma programs

View the individual scholarship for specific program eligibility.