Coursework scholarships

Scholarships for certificate IV, diploma and associate, bachelor and postgraduate by coursework students.



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Opening date

Closing date

Australian Government OS-HELP Loan Scheme A loan for students with a Commonwealth supported place undertaking an exchange program, added to your HECS-HELP debt up to $8149 UGRD
Now open See page for more information
Beazley Scholarship For an RMIT apprentice $2000 VE Now open 5 April 2020
COVID-19 support and assistance For students impacted by COVID-19 who need financial assistance and/or essential IT equipment TBC PREP
Now open Apply as soon as possible
RG Kayler-Thomson Memorial Scholarship For mechanical/sustainable systems engineering students who have completed MIET2421 and MIET2422 $5000 UGRD Now open 5 May 2020
RMIT Student Mobility Grants For students undertaking an outbound mobility activity as part of their RMIT program $1000 VE
Now open No application required
Storey Scholarship For students going on exchange who are involved in community service activities $10,000 UGRD
Now open 15 May 2020

* Who can apply:

  • UGRD = associate and bachelor degree programs
  • PGRD = postgraduate by coursework (graduate certificate, graduate diploma, masters by coursework, and juris doctor) programs
  • RSCH = research (masters and PhD) programs
  • VE = certificate IV, diploma and advanced diploma programs

View the individual scholarship for specific program eligibility.