Celebrating our deep-rooted love for trees

30 Jul 20

Givers of oxygen, providers of shade and shelters to our native wildlife – reasons to love trees never grows old.

How to mix old tyres and building rubble to make sustainable roads

30 Jul 20

Researchers have shown how a blend of old tyres and building rubble could be used as a sustainable road-making material, in a zero-waste solution to boost recycling and support the circular economy.

A focus on liveability: What can we learn from Barcelona’s superblocks?

29 Jul 20

With its high population density and compact built environment, the Catalan capital is employing nature-based solutions to tackle typical urban challenges and improve the life of its inhabitants.

Artist and alumnus Lisa Roet makes conservation larger than life

27 Jul 20

A large-scale public artwork of iconic chimpanzee David Greybeard, made famous by scientist Dr Jane Goodall, is set to bring wildlife conservation to the fore in Melbourne this spring.