Clean energy tech extracts twice the power from ocean waves

18 Aug 21

Researchers have developed prototype technology that can double the power harvested from ocean waves, in an advance that could finally make wave energy a viable renewable alternative.

New report reveals Australian companies’ mixed messaging on carbon neutrality

16 Aug 21

A new report has revealed a rising trend in reporting on the Sustainable Development Goals by Australia’s top 150 companies, but their disclosure on climate action and carbon neutrality intentions lack clarity.

Research finds why some stay longer in social housing than others

04 Aug 21

Social housing provides safe, secure, long-term accommodation for some of the most disadvantaged in the community. But some people are more likely to stay housed longer than others.

Anuko Fashion the perfect fit for custom footwear graduates

30 Jul 21

RMIT’s Custom-Made Footwear program has proven to be the perfect pipeline of creative and work-ready graduates for footwear label Anuko Fashion.