New ways of ‘being together apart’ can work for us and the planet long after coronavirus crisis passes

27 Mar 20

Changes in behaviour now being forced upon us might benefit the planet in the long term as we find and get used to other ways of holding meetings. Hear from the experts below.

Why choose nature based solutions? Insights from industry, government and academia

25 Mar 20

Environmental sustainability, social cohesion, resilience in urban areas and climate change mitigation are some of the benefits associated with nature based solutions in cities according to experts.

Regional city residents lack good access to two-thirds of community services

23 Mar 20

Good access to community services is a key element of livability, and according to new research, regional cities are only receiving one-third of them. Experts from the Australian Urban Observatory explain.

Australia’s most liveable regional cities revealed

17 Mar 20

Victoria is home to Australia's most liveable regional cities – Ballarat, Bendigo and Geelong – according to new research that for the first time maps health and liveability across the country’s 21 largest cities.