Were Queensland fire danger indices historically high for early September?

14 Nov 19

RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates Andrew Sturgess' claim that we're never seen fire danger indices, at this time of year, as we're seeing now.

Have emissions fallen since 2005, and are they the lowest they've ever been, as Liberal MP Katie Allen says?

08 Nov 19

Fact Check investigates whether Liberal MP Katie Allen is correct in claiming emissions have fallen since 2005, and that they are the lowest they have ever been.

Challenges for design educators in the humanitarian sector: Insights from global experts

31 Oct 19

A discussion of professional and teaching challenges was raised by European and Australian academics during a recent Design, Disaster and Development Research Forum at RMIT Europe.

European funding award for plus energy housing

28 Oct 19

RMIT is a partner in a €9.6M European funded research project that will see the build and demonstration of plus energy housing in France, Germany, Norway and Italy.