Parenting rooms

Location Facilities
Building 12, Level 7, Room 104
  • Drop-down baby change table
  • Three breast feeding/expressing curtained cubicles
  • Microwave
  • Fridge
  • Hot and cold water
  • Nappy disposal unit
  • Separate toilet

Baby changerooms

Location Facilities
Building 8, Level 2, Room 127 -
Building 8, Level 4, Room 108A Shared disabled toilet, baby change facility with drop-down baby change table.
Building 8, Level 5, Room 102 Cubicle, sink.
Building 85, Level 1, 97 Franklin Street
(RMIT City Campus Children’s Centre)

Breast feeding room (open plan with four chairs), baby change facilities.

Open to City Campus Children’s Centre staff and parents of Centre children. Please note that the Centre is a locked down facility, RMIT approved access is required to use the breast feeding room.

Melbourne Central Centre, Parents Retreat, Level 2

Baby change tables, a parents' room, bins, toilets, breast-feeding cubicles, a microwave and a place for kids to play.

Open to the general public.