Working with Global Clients Online




Note: All enrolled students must complete the Cred by 31/07/2024

The internet has ushered in a new era of communication in the workplace. People across the country – and across the globe – now have the tools to converse at the push of a button, and to share work instantaneously. But communicating and working remotely brings with it new challenges, and across all industries, organisations need people with the knowhow to do it smoothly and effectively.


Gain the skills to use digital communication for everything from video conference calls to real-time collaboration, with strategies for operating across time zones, building rapport online and tackling problem solving remotely. You’ll also learn approaches for tackling cross-cultural communication, so you can make international interactions as smooth as possible.

Skills and learning outcomes

  • Build rapport and trust with a global client using online digital communication technology
  • Develop strategies for relationship management in a virtual environment
  • Use digital communication tools to work with global clients
  • Communicate and collaborate effectively across cultures and timezones
  • Deal with the ambiguity and pitfalls of relying on technology for the success of a project


  • Building rapport via virtual means
  • Digital Communication tools and methods
  • Business communication over virtual channels
  • Cross cultural business communication

How does it work ?

By completing a piece reflecting on their work-integrated learning experience, the earner of this credential showed an awareness of the challenges of communicating using digital technology, including working across time zones and dealing with cross-cultural communication styles. They also demonstrated an understanding of how to build rapport while working remotely.  

When can I do it ?

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